2 Choppers down in Iraq - 2 Brit dead


RIP, stand down lads. Terrible loss.

Mods, please delete the post from the disrespectrful cretin 2 above, and then delete this sentence, if you'd be so kind
RIP Fellas, my condolences to your families and oppo's and wishing a speedy recovery to the injured.
The_Lord_Flasheart_III said:

Rest In Peace lads.... Thoughts as always with friends and family at this sad time. Wishing for a full and speedy recovery for those injured.
Rest in peace...

Far as the twit whining about the cost of the helicopters... they are replacable and the monies involved are invested into your economy so your position is untenable at best, the highly trained men who lost their lives however are irreplacable and their loss will resonate thorough their families, friends, and community for decades.
RIP and condolenses to the families :(
This is awful news; sincere condolences to friends and family of the dead.
RIP Guys.

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