2 Choppers down in Iraq - 2 Brit dead

Sad News.

RIP lads.

Sincere condolences to the families & the wider AAC family.
From the Beeb

UK helicopters 'collide' in Iraq

Two UK helicopters have crashed after an apparent mid-air collision north of Baghdad, killing two crew members and wounding five, the UK has said.
The helicopters came down in the early morning near a US base south-west of Taji. Early reports said the helicopters and troops were American.

An investigation was under way but the crash did not appear to be the result of "enemy fire", the US said earlier.

Thoughts and prayers with families, colleagues and the injured.

A grim fortnight for UK and Commonwealth forces.
R.I.P, my condolences to the families involved, speedy recovery to those injured.
Sky news has the helicopters involved as Puma's.
My sun sets to rise again.

May they Rest In Peace.

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