2 British spies have been arrested in Moscow.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Jan 30, 2006.

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  1. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/4658462.stm

    Probably they will spent many years in Russian jail. But later, what will be after it? Will Great Britain support those who served it?


  2. He's been betrayed by the authorities, so is already living like an average British citizen. There's no pleasing some people.
  3. What a load of bollocks this all seems to be.

    Russia, a country that is loosing its grip on the countries around it as they favour allying with the west suddenly discovers those nasty capitalists, err I mean westerners, are spying on them. A bit coincidental, a bit hypocritical or both......?

    Of course Russia would never dream of spying on other countries would it?
  4. Looks like Putin's brand of 'Stalin-lite' is about to go full fat again.
  5. Hah. When I was serving in the Washington, DC area in the mid-90's, we got security lectures, in which our intel and security folks cited specific instances of Marines and sailors in the DC metro area being approached by known former KGB (now FSB or privately employed)operatives.
  6. Sergey, you don't honestly believe this most recent 'spy scandal', do you? Some plonker looking like Paddington Bear mooching about in a most unspylike manner and kicking the rock with all that sensitive equipment inside it? Come on Sergey, I know standards have slipped in the Rodina since the end of the Cold War, but really... Rest assured however, that H.M. Government almost certainly has assets operating in the Russian Federation, but they are adhering to that most English of age-old adages - discretion.
  7. Sound's to me as if they have arrested a couple of british hod carrier's that were throwing a few stone's :twisted:

    I still think that the whole thing is a load of balderdash.

  8. Capturing 'another flag'?


    Majestics...Shadow Patriots? or just downloading the

    Eminen 'RINGTONE'...



  9. For what it counts my opinion is that it's all bo**ocks and basically russia are trying to make it appear that they're still wotrth spying on. They also used this to try and shut down an NGO. Someone's scared of losing their grip and a nice spy story helps things along
  10. Sergey
    This may be off thread and maybe I should start a new one, but I read these two articles about Russia and I have read others articles about Russia, that seem to indicate that a more authoritarian type Russian state is emerging. Do you see the same trends or is this just Russia reasserting itself from the weaken position Russia was in ? If a authoritarian trend is emerging how far do you think it will go?

    Concerning the deal with Russia and Iran and the reprocessing of Nuclear fuel. Does Russia see it in Russia interest for Iran to get Nuclear weapons and how high a priority do you think Russia places on Iran not getting Nuclear weapons. What are the High Priority Items for Russian foreign policy? It would be interesting to hear your point of view on these issues.

  11. Hi Gallowslass!

    Many don't believe it, but my father indeed is a former colonel of KGB (counter-intelligence service). He took part in some operations where American spies were arrested.

    As for 'rock story' then it is real. MI6 worked, works in Moscow and will work.

    You have right for your own opinion that now the UK stopped any spy activity in Russia. But if you really think so then please answer why? Because of high moral level of HM government?

    As to ringtones then Benny Hill theme is on my mobile.
  13. Dear Crabby!

    Read the post by our friend NEO_CON (he mentioned Iranian nuclear plans) and say me is Russia worth spying on?

    Russia is the only country int the World that has technical ability to annihilate USA and USA have to live with it. Russia has weapons systems that other countries haven't. Russia is a very important source of oil and gas. Russia sells weapons anywhere, even to those countries that are not freindly toward Washington.

    No doubt that pro-American government in Moscow is a sweat dream of American ruling elite, that support pro-American political forces and uses MI6 in this game.

    As for 2 arrested British spies then I have heard that trial will be soon and we will hear details.
  14. Thank you for interesting post.



    To be free = to have pro-American policy
    Not to be free = to have independent policy
    To be a dictatorship = to have anti-American policy.

    So the UK is 'free', Russia was 'free' 6 years ago but now it is 'not free', moreover is heading toward 'dictatorship'.

    Don't pay much attention to mr.Illarionov. He is a usefull idiot.

    Russian economy is in a good state, it is fast developing. High oil and gas prices make Russia richer. So people prefers to vote for current authorities and doesn't care about authoritarian tendencies. However I see them and don't like this development. How far it will go? Communist system (very authoritarian) failed. So the powerkeepers understand that they must use democratic methods to be at power or they their fate would be easily predicted.

    So I think that current rulers will make all possible tricks to stay at power but in frame of formal democracy.

    As for Iran, I don't think that Russia dreams about nuclear weapons there. Main objectives: profits (including the nuclear plant, weapons) and bounding of American abilities to control the Gulf.