2 bob security firms

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by theyids71, Aug 15, 2007.

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  1. If any guys out there are currently working on (The Circuit) there are a few security companys who need avoiding .....and heres one....
    Tier One Protection
    located in Cheadle Manchester they claim to be makeing big inroads into CP in the North West :?
    Sorry but as long as ive had a hole in my arse the work in CP is as you probably know is in the London /SouthEast .
    Im posting this on behalf of a mate who has recently deployed to the Middle East .
    And from what ive heard they are shite!
    Avoid them like the plague lads!

  2. The overwhelming majority are like that.

    Theres about... Eight... Maybe... Who are worth looking at.

  3. hmmm, such nice shiny uniforms...such an interesting job... :roll:
    Are you kidding me?!!!!
  4. The topic is on security firms; if you want to be an engine driver then start your own topic. :|
  5. I AM on topic am afraid. Been working 'The Circuit' some 10 years now. Been in the sand over 4 years now. You were saying.......? :)
    I take it you either work for/have worked for 'The Corps' as you put it...
    Stagging on in a rediculous uniform doing manned guarding ('can Isee your pass please...'. Yes I've done it in the distant past-tho not for them- and yes it's t0ss). No thanks. And what's that got to do with CP/PSD work? Does 'The Corps' do this work? Honest question.
  6. Hello folks,

    thanks for the interesting theme.

    Has any of you had any experience with a company called
    peak group inc. ?
  7. yep I have. Good firm but small....you trying to get a job with them?
  8. Sounds like you have had a spit roasting from them in the past? 8O
  9. Hi woodyb,

    thanks for the reply..hmm! How shall I answer ?

    Yes, there is something in the pipeline in a sandy country – not security though, it’s not my line. No concrete answer yet, it is on hold at the moment from the side of the client.
    The reason I asked the question is that, not being in the business, it is extremely difficult to sort out who the pirates are and who are genuine.
    The communications I have had with them so far have been encouraging though and I am grateful for your comments.
    If you have any working experience in Dadsbag I would appreciate your comments (per PM if you want).

    a’ the best