2 Bed House for Sale, Elloughton, East Yorkshire, HU15 1HU

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by accidentalscaley, Feb 7, 2008.

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  1. My wife is selling her two bedroom house.
    It has fitted kitchen, new carpets throughout, newly decorated, plenty of wall sockets, central heating, double glazed, Close to a excellent quiet country boozer. Bus station, train station all within 15/20 minutes walk. Its in a beautiful edge of a countyside lane, on the edge of a very posh area of Brough. Its about 30 minutes drive from Hull. Small manageable back garden, very cosy place with quiet respectable elderly neighbours. Excellent location for people who work for BAE Brough.
    Post code is HU15 1HU, if you want to Google Earth it to have a butchers.
    Available from 5 Apr 08. It has a sitting tenant, if you want to buy as an investment. If you want to buy it to live, tenants contract expires in April. A snip at £126k, for serious ARRSEr's we'll shave 3k off the asking price.
    Please no time wasters, we're emigrating so we need a quick sale
  2. Give you 25 quid for it . . . final offer!
  3. Posed your offer to the General to wit she replied in a language i really wouldn't like to relay. Thank you any way
  4. Brough? Posh? Never!
  5. Its in Elloughton next to all the toffs
  6. Still too close to 'ull.
  7. Far enough away to not notice the smell
  8. There are places on South Pacific atolls which are not far enough away... :D

    What are they paying in rent?
  9. Only as long as the wind remains in the west. Anything from NE through to SE will get you the docks, Saltend, Croda, Preston Road, and if its really blowing, Grimsby.

    Only kidding, folks, its got some lovely country pubs not a million miles away.
  10. Soooooooooo........we've surmised that Hull is sh1t and when the wind blows really really hard, you can smell Grimsby. However Elloughton is a completely different place, Google Earth it and you'll see
  11. Now that the Moron element have had their say, any one fancy it?
  12. No.

    For just £126K it's got to be a slum. Then again, in the vicinity of hull it will certainly be a slum.

    Ram it pikey.
  13. £50
  14. Cheers D1ckhead! You clearly are a Cnut. Whatever it is, its bound to be a thousand times better than the council skip you grew up in

  15. Now then girls, no scratching.