2 batt

Erm, the last time I was at one they don't !!!! - sure it's not MCM Div pulling your plonker ? mistake perhaps ? or possibly and more likely you are posted to the FRG - are you an A Mech ?

Anyways, have fun - REME is a cracking corps until you put 300 in one place and put RS in charge !!!!!!
Battalion LAD came into existence with the 411 establishment, part of the HQ coy, ours at 3 is ran by an ASM and has about 6 blokes in it. Basically does all the first line work V&G used to before they started focusing on intimate support teams.
OK it's true the Bns do have LAD's with about 6-20 people in em, normally ran by a snco electrician because he has no job anymore. the LAD is located in a piece of real estate that has no repair kit, just an empty shop floor. It's a brilliant idea because you can't fix anything with no tools and you have no fleet of your own to collect all you spares for the repairs to the battalions fleet so just go and do nothing all day........ :cry: coffee anyone?
411 (the latest scheme doomed for failure) has set up Bn LAD's, mainly manned by the gapped posts moved from 1st to 2nd line. give them a call on Fal mil 2464.

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