2 AFA the best field unit by far

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Big_Libraries, Feb 13, 2007.

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  1. I've been reading the 4 AFA topic and it started me think of 2 afa 94 to 98, although it was a difficult start, it has been by far the best unit i have served with. I'm sick of all the slagging of medics, we've got our mongs, but we can hold our own with the best of them, and being at 2 showed me that.

    Anyone got any good stories or photos ( NOT THE FOZZY TYPE THOUGH) from there time their ? or remember any of the below

    Alex O***** ( Now a TA officer?)
    Wiggy R**n
    Pond life

    These few names should bring back a few memories
  2. Was Wiggy at 4? Rings a bell. Was in nick at Roberts Barracks with the Horn.
  3. Was in Macedonia/kosovo with them April '99. Seemed an OK bunch of lads.
  4. Wow Smudge, considering you don't like medic slagging, you've certainly picked some choice names there mate!
    I was at 2 AFA 95 - 99 and I remember all of those clowns. None are as notorious as Fozzy though!
    I kind of felt sorry for Alex O though, he wasn't vindictive, just solid! Could never remember anyone's name and referred to everyone as Cpl 'S' or Pte 'B'.
    I think Wiggy spent a while at Keogh, basically in charge of interviewing blokes who TFId. Can you imagine your first impression of the RAMC being of that turd?
    I spotted a few names on the old MOD reunited the other day, that was intresting. :biggrin:
  5. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    2 Armd thought they were the dog bollox, but unfortunately 3 Armd did things better, faster and invariably beating 2 Armd at all events.

    Should be the shortest thread in history.
  6. i believe 3 armd were also better looking and more debonaire?
  7. :sleepy: You know real armoured dogs were in Minden :biggrin:
  8. Enough about 3 AFA, if you want chat about it get your own topic set up.

    I'll agree with you invictus about Alex O, thick as 2 short planks, so what does that tell you about the RAMC promotion system. Were you in the DS when wiggy had us tidying up the edge of a forest, by removing twigs! for a staff college demo.

    And Vincent Fos**r duty rosta, i wonder if he's still in the film directing business.
  9. My first posting after I tranfered was to 2 AFA, I arrived at the time of the Fozzy incident, the RQMS hanging himself and someone testing positive on CDT. I thought to myself what have I got myself into. However it has been the best medical unit i have ever been in.

    I was outside Alex O's office waiting to see him about something, when he was preping himself to give someone a bollocking, He actually had crib cards with what he was going to say on them, and a pair of dayglo feet at the front of his desk. What a tube!!!

    One of the funniest times I had at 2 AFA was while we were in Macedonia.
    It was one of the Saturday BBQ's and after our 2 cans of Skopsko some of us headed for the ISO Tolouse for some more Skopsko and to watch celebrity death match between a scorpion and a gaint centipede. By this time we were all p*ssed and during the fight the centipede escaped from the bowl, one of the lads went to hit it with a hammer and blew the electrics. So now you had a pitch black ISO container with twenty or so p*ssed up blokes and two very p*ssed off insects. There were no friends when it came to the mad rush to get out of that ISO.
  10. Served at 2 AFA 1992-1996. Was a great unit I agree probably the best posting I had in my time with the RAMC.
  11. You tell me? :shakefist:
  12. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    I know they were!
  13. 2AFA was my first choice in BAOR, ended up at 4, no regrets. Spent some time in your nick, I recall it was the bomb chuckers in charge, did it standing on my head, breeze!!

    Eh, Bull?
  14. Piece o p*ss. Luckily we had no uniform with us (so we told the Planks otherwise beasting city I reckon). 2 AFA wallah F*l**r was on guard duty that night - I was in basic with him summer 87.
  15. I beg to differ,
    I do believe 2 Armd won "The most lesbians under 1 roof" competition between the years 95-98.
    It was a close run thing in 97' but the queen bee put in a stirling performance and managed to pull off some awsome recruitment, to seal the the title for another year and retain the trappers hat!!!

    Wee man.