2.6 Shagging Percent! -AFPRB

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Mighty_Blighty, Feb 7, 2008.

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  1. AFPRB results are in - 2.6% rise and 1% rise in x-factor.

    Let me be the first to say - i'm outraged :x

  2. I was wondering what that was dripping out of the fax...
  3. by 1% rise in x-factor does that mean it is now 14% added on to the pay or is it a 1% of the existing 13%.

    Sorry for the silly question, but have no eyes on the official reports yet.

    When is it in? 1 Apr?
  4. This financial year has been great for pay rises has it not?
  5. Pegged over the next 3 years, no doubt!
  6. Jut wait for the government to tell you how lucky you are and how much they really love the Armed Forces
  7. How much is quatering/accommodation going to rise? I bet that will wipe the payrise out straight away!

  8. 3.7%. The Lord giveth and then the Lord taketh away (and a bit more)
  9. Lets be fair, MPs have said they will keep their raise to less than 20%...... or something like that.
  10. Anyone really surprised?
  11. X-Factor - upto 14%

    MSQ charges - increases ranging from no rise for grade 4 to to 3.1 % for Grade 1. Same increase for Single Accn.

    Garages upto £291 P/A

    Single food Charges - upto £3.89 p/d

  12. How much is inflation at the moment?

    And am I right in guessing that in order to find out my new wage I......

    Minus 13% x factor.
    Add 2.6% wage increase.
    Add 14% x factor.

    If so I am coming out minus figures when the SFA charges are added.
  13. Officially 2.5%, but retail price index (how much prices rise by) is over 3%

    So yes, you'll be skinter!
  14. Right thats it. I need 20,000 of you and some white caps :D
  15. RAFP? why?