2.6% +1% X-Factor they having a laugh!

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Hang on, the last time they reviewed X Factor in 2001 there was a significant increase. We are now currently on more operations, living in Crap housing which is steadily getting worse with no chance of jumping onto the over inflated Housing market. Harmony is so far out the window it is a mockery.

And the government oops sorry the AFPRB think that this mediates an increase of just 1 %.

I cannot wait to see how they managed to come up with this number when the company which did some of the research mentioned that the factors taken into account pointed towards a significant increase.

More crap being pushed out. I think that those who have postponed putting in their papers to see what the new package will be will be lining up to get them in now. So much for retention! :x :x :x


Having been unfortunate to have read the AFPRB report I can say that whoever suggested the 1% rise in X factor did not do decent enough research.

The explanation of what X factor is supposed to be for is explained in great detail and, in my case particularly, would lead one to think a large rise was incoming.

As I do not get X factor being NRPS my "expected" rise was already 0%, even though my job has expanded fourfold in 2 years with lots of it on the road for which I cannot claim for anything except direct expenditure. Yet the TA get reduced X factor. As our american friends say, go figure!
Having read the review body's report regarding the X factor no evidence was produced on behalf of the NRPS there was apparently a verbal confirmation that we know what we are letting ourselves in for when we sign on the dotted line - I will be starting a new thread on this matter as soon as I have got some facts together! At least they haven't come up with a "Y" factor of say 10% as a deduction from NRPS for being given the privilege of coming to work! - maybe this is being saved for when we have lost our HDT.


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