Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by simpa_10, Mar 4, 2010.

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  1. :D hi guys im going through the process of joining royal engineers am hoping to be in for september i was wondering if you guys know what speedis godd to run at to be able to complete the 2.5km in 10minutes i have been training for 3weeks i run 3mile before school every morning....

    thanks for the help
  2. Firstly, 1.5 miles is 2.4k.
    Second, do a search for the love of feck sake. How many bloody times...
    Third, you better be someone taking the piss...
  3. haha just run as fast as you can and time yourself and if your sick whilst doing it then you know your running fast ha.
  4. 15 km per hour.
  5. 9 mph
  6. Alright pal, you need to run as fast as you can and aim for about 9.30. If you haven't been to ADSC yet I doubt you'll get in by September! Did my ADSC in Pirbright Feb 25th and 26th got an A grade and I've been given a date for basic on 26th September (I'm joining the engineers aswell), you really need to get an A grade to go top of the waiting list, I know of a few boys who have been told they won't get in till next year because they had a lower grade!!
  7. Make sure you don't run when you should be in a maths lesson :)

    Good luck
  8. dont join the engineeres they wear there berets all wierd like
  9. Fuk all wrong with the engineers! (They improved massively when I got kicked out!) :)
  10. what the **** would you know....we aint the tankies....
  11. It really is just super that you’re here with us as a reminder that engineers really are simply ignorant bridge builders.
  12. Oh dear me no, Gruffalo, we're far worse than that.
  13. PS, for the OP, 1min 30secs round a 400m running track (times 6 laps) will get you a 9 minute BPFA/PFT run time.
  14. 10mph gives you a 9 minute PFT.

    100mph gives you a 54 second PFT.

    19mpg gives you a Land Rover.

    .jpeg gives you a picture.


    Hope that helps :)
  15. i get a packed lunch for my pft