2,500 job cuts in armed forces personnel

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by sashmancat, Dec 22, 2009.

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  1. Deployability in the Army
  2. All scaremongering I reckon, and I would like you to show me where this 'policy' is documented. Most number cuts happen in the way of natural wastage (22 year soldiers getting out, signing off, dying etc) by scaling back manning (not replacing someone when they leave, as is happening at BFPO at the moment) or by temporarily stopping recruiting. Don't worry unless you hear something official. In the meantime, try to resist passing rumours off as facts.
  3. Soldiers of 9 Supply Regt RLC who are medically downgraded are given a O.C's interview and made to sign a form stating that if They are still non-deployable after 12 months then they may be eligible for discharge.(and I say may!!)

    Its no secret that the army is trying to get rid of all the dead wood. I know also good soldiers who have been turned down for the versatile engagement.
    I think in the current economic climate no soldiers job is safe. just remember the open engagement means they can give you 12 months notice aswell
  4. have you not heard of manning levers?
  5. It's the same in many units. No one in my unit is getting VENG unless they automatically qualified for it. At present It just holds up other ranks behind waiting to be promoted. I'm relying on VENG long or FTRS/NRPS otherwise i'm just going to top myself. Better being dead then a civvy. :)
  6. You cant be serious.... More thrusters being made to be storemen and hence signing off whilst those passed over and who want to man the stores are moved on. Horses for courses. Not everyone is a thrusting young blade.
  7. Just get rid of the whole fcuking lot. Imagine all that saved money... that could then be wasted in other areas.

  8. How can I put it.. If you are bluffing your case and think you are safe sitting in camp not going on exercise and playing on the fablon bff chit.. See you later...... a 3rd of all downgraded are that way for minor injuries and keep it going for an esy life.... especially cold weather injuries... it aint to cold in afghan...

    Yes I am downgraded but I still do everything expected and more so take some tuffen up and crack on..
  9. I'll believe it when I see it, the only thing I've currently seen the RLC doing is insisting that you pass promotion courses (and sick chits don't exempt you). Doesn't stop people from getting upgraded, passing the course then going on the biff again but its a start.
    More empty threats I reckon although I'd love to be wrong.
  10. Stacker,
    I believe the new JNCO cadres are a throwback to the old MPC courses and you must be deployable to pass, no exercise exemption etc
  12. If they were to bin P3LE the last major unit I served with at RD would have had exactly 1 bloke left in the MT Platoon - and he was a Fijian with no driving license....
  13. you would be knackered then he would be too busy playing rugby :wink: :wink:
  14. VEng was being handed out left right and Chelsea by a lot of Regts and Corps. This is now having a knock on.
    Just have a butchers at the RLC WO2-WO1 Board numbers for 2008 and 2009. A lot less badges to hand out because people are still in the job. The knee jerk is to now have to look like they are managing their faults.

    The REME have had some WO1s (on VEng) sign off recently because they got told to get on tour! Too many non deployable (choice or not) people have been given a continuance. Lets be clear here. That means more tours for the rest of you out there. If you suddenly give people 22 yr people a 24 yr career it has to slow up promotion for others behind them. This is an Army on Operations, you are either in or out. We have more blokes coming in the door than we used to and less leaving. If you are War Dodging, there must be a way to start getting you to grizz up or get shown the door.
    Worth getting the BFT times down fatty? Just a thought!
  15. Being a dirty civvi, by BMI are you referring to Body Mass Index, or something else?