2.5 Weeks till P-Coy and Ive got shin splints

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by _Dirk_Diggler_, Dec 17, 2008.

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  1. I finished regi conditioning nearly 3 weeks ago which I smashed out no dramas, but by the end began to develop shin splints in my left leg. Now after nearly 3 weeks of leave and one run it doesnt seem to be getting any better. I start pre para on the 5th Jan and really dont want to be starting with an injury. Is it possible to recover in 2.5 weeks? And if not how much damage am I likely to cause by attempting the course? I figure everyone ends up with an injury anyway, so I may aswell get a headstart with the pain :(
  2. Not a good idea. P Coy (As you know) is not easy and will be a 6 week period of intense phyz. On a recent course a soldier came off during the milling when he stepped back and put the full weight on his leg - result was a double fracture due to stress fracture (that he thought was shin splints).

    You are better of waiting until the course that starts at the end of January and getting some good physio in the meantime.

    You may reach a point in your career where you have to push through the pain barrier, but if you have the chance take the time to heal properly. Contray to popular belief pain is actually the body telling you something is wrong
  3. Nonsense, pain is merely weakness leaving the body! This is the sort of namby-pamby thinking that cost us the empire and will see us joining the euro. Socialist clap-trap!
  4. Are you sure it is shin splints?

    SS is actually one of the most mis-diagnosed ailments.

    It could also be

    Stress fracture
    When shin splints are not responsive to treatment, your doctor may want to make sure you do not have a stress fracture. A bone scan and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) can often show if a fracture is present. The diagnostic tests, causes of shin splints, and treatment regimens all bear a similarity and relationship to stress fractures. It is possible that there is a relationship between shin splints and stress fracture, but this has not been clearly identified. <<<<, THIS IS MASSIVE. IF YOU HAVE THIS AND IT IS MIS DIAGNOSED AS SPLINTS THEN EXPECT YOUR LEG TO SHATTER IN THE QUITE PAINFUL AND UNEXPECTED FUTURE

    Tendonitis can be present, especially if there is a partial tear of the involved tendon. MRI can also help the doctor diagnose the presence of tendonitis.

    Chronic exertional compartment syndrome

    An uncommon condition called chronic exertional compartment syndrome involves swelling of muscle with exertion. This happens within the muscle's usually tight compartment in the leg. These compartments are nonyielding. Swelling can raise pressure within the compartment to levels so high that blood will not flow into the muscle. This causes severe pain and is best treated surgically. The tests that are used to diagnose chronic exertional compartment syndrome are highly specialized and not easily available. They involve measuring the pressure within the leg compartments immediately after exercise.

    But there are various treatments apart from rest) you can use to speed the healing including

    1. Stretching the Shin Muscles (see the links for how)
    2. Heat / Cold compress
    3. Taping the ankle thoroughly removes the strain from the shin
    4. Take Ibruprofen - as much as possible to reduce the swelling




    I just came back from a stress fracture (thai boxing) and had 3 months from all lower leg physical activity. Even then the doc wanted me off for 6.

    Is it worth it mate? No point going on the course to get crocked within a week. You will get your chance again in the future.

    Running up metalled roads carrying weight is NOT the best cure for splints and if your going to have a go at it - might as well try and ensure you have a chance at a good course report

  5. Thats the spirit ! Saddle up and crack on ! :D You'll go far......or not, whichever way the shins go !
  6. Sorry you must have misunderstood, there's no horses involved :) Although that would help considerable come to think of it...
  7. How about running with some orthotic insoles in your trainers/boots etc? If you're a bit flat footed (if you are) then these will create a healthier foot posture and less un natural strain on calf muscles. You can buy them over the counter at Boots or other high street chemists etc and if you find they work, get a referral to a podiatrist for some individual tailor made ones to be made and fitted.....Just a thought.....good luck.

  8. Quick update, apprehensively started pre para beginning of Jan and to my surprise my shins gave me no dramas. Only problem I had during pre para was with the knee of the same leg, which according to a physio I saw stemmed from inflexibility at the hip. All was going well and I thought I was over my injury problems until half way round the screening day CFT on P-Coy when I managed to go over on my ankle. I managed to finish the tab and trainasium with my ankle ludicrously swollen and with a bit of help from some strapping and ibuprofen passed the pft later that day. By the next morning my cankle was black and blue and barely fit in my boot but amazingly nothing was broken. I stayed on the course and passed without coming off an event.
    Goes to show how far you can go on some strapping, brufen and a healthy dose of will power!
  9. Well done, good effort.

    Favourite event was?

  10. Did you "run off" the shin splints or just rest for the few weeks before the selection?
    I was intending to do the P-Coy Airborne-Student in a month or so, but had to pull out as I am unable to train decent runs. If the splints went away from grinning and bearing it, I would carry on, but from what I've heard you need to stop running with shin splints or result in further injury, which I can't afford to risk.
  11. I rested. I had five weeks leave after conditioning before attending pre para and literally did nothing bar one short run to test the water. The only way your gonna recover from shin splints is ice and plenty of rest, lucky for me I had a high level of fitness and could afford to do nothing but get fat over those five weeks.
    As for favourite event Banjo, I came 3rd on the steeplechase which I spose is my 'specialist' event, though I thought the 10 miler was buckshee. Log was hands down the most disgustin thing I have ever done. Had 2 warning after about 5 mins! Don't know how I stayed on.
  12. Hm, guess I better give it a break then. I sit at about 9.30 for the 1.5 miler without any running training, so with luck will be able to drop it back to sub 9 without too much strain once recovered.

    Roll on next Airborne or Green Student...
  13. shin splints can get worse if you keep going on doing phys regardless which can lead to compartment syndrome, believe me.
  14. Thank god you didn't say the milling :wink:
  15. i did & hence see earlier post.