2.4km run

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by firecracker, May 11, 2007.

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  1. I've just done a 2.4km run and it shocked me. Took 11:30! How can I improve this rubbish time? And quick. Got 7 weeks before I am tested!
  2. Run more.
  3. Check in the health and fitness forums...
  4. Take the bus.
  5. Seven weeks is more than enough time to improve, do a google for fartlek or speed work and have a look at www.runnersworld.co.uk

    Look at your diet as well, pie and chips don't help, useless fat is just that.
  6. What's all this 2.4km melarkey? :? Don't you know that we can get back to good old imperial measures again without the EU polis coming knocking on the door? It was in the papers so it must be true! :lol:

    Just having consulted my calculator, I take it you were doing a 1.5 mile run then.
  7. 7 weeks is loads of time. Just keep practising. Try running 2 miles to help your confidence when faced with 1.5.

    You should be easily able to knock at least a full minute off your current time just by running the course 3 times a week.

    Dont panic, it is well within your grasp.
  8. HIIT is a fantastic way to increase speed, leg strength and if you are fat to lose weight.
  9. If you are overweight and unfit then you need to lose a few pounds as exercising with a fat body will cause lower limb injury.

    Try firing a high velocity round through your face, hopefully taking your brain away.

    This will get rid of 2 grams.
  10. try going out the night before and downing 15 pints of guinness followed by a hot vindaloo, i used to do it and had no trouble passing, due to the fact my bowels and kidneys were giving me a right good kicking from the inside out.
    however a few things you need to sort out first and they are, make sure there is a servicable toilet near the finish line that you can run straight into and secondly DO NOT wear white shorts incase you do not make it round.
    good luck
  11. I've added some fartek training. sounds good. Im hoping to get back to my best times of around 9:30. Never have been a speed merchant