2,400 US marines attack Afghan drug town

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Skynet, Apr 29, 2008.

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  1. From The TimesApril 30, 2008

    2,400 US marines attack Afghan drug town[/b]

    About 2,400 US Marines, many veterans from Iraq, took part in the assault
    Richard Beeston, Foreign Editor
    US Marines went into action yesterday, pouring into a lawless town in Afghanistan’s southern Helmand province — the first time a sizeable American force has fought in the largely British sector of the country for several years.

    About 2,400 Marines, many veterans of the war in Iraq, were involved in the dawn assault on Garmser. Helicopters and armoured vehicles surrounded the town, known as a Taleban stronghold and big staging post for drug traffickers involved in the thriving opium trade in Helmand.

    “We haven’t seen anybody who isn’t carrying a gun,” said Major Tom Clinton, the commander of US forces at Forward Operating Base Dwyer, a small British camp ten miles (15km) west of Garmser. “They are trying to figure out what we are doing. They are shooting at us, letting us know they are there.”
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  2. S-hit this is BIG news.

    Just spent some time in Garmsir and we were NOT going to take Darvishan and the surrounding towns on our own.

    Brits mainly took defensive position in the high grounds, but if this is a success, then we can drive right down to the pakistan border.

    Of course the Royal Engineers were constructing in preperation of this. :D
  3. why stop there? Keep the guns firing and the vehicles rolling. :D

    Join Team World Domination. :D
  4. Shit big news indeed, good news too, sweep straight back to pakistans border sounds a good crack. big fcuk off task force clearing every major town/stronghold why didnt we do this sooner?

  5. I seriously hope there is some news footage over here, because it's like a mini-invasion, and it's good to hear about US/UK teaming up.

    This should mean there permantly based in southern Helmand? Or just to take the towns?
  6. Most probably just to retake the towns, mini invasion indeed, why dont we push on and finish it, we have the numbers etc
  7. To be honest, once past the towns it's mainly desert wastland but it's still about 60KM to the border.

    I suspect there will be building more FOBS in that area though. I wonder is the Para's were in support of this OP.
  8. So a well armed, equipped and combat experienced, US Force will rampage around the district during the 'Summer' months and then offski leaving Tom to sort out the pile of, he's left behind.
  9. It seems to me that the Americans are not committed to stay in the area. If that is the case without reinforcements UK troops will be left with a much expanded area without sufficient troops. Not a good position to be in.
  10. This MEU is doing a standard USMC 7 month tour over the summer fighting season and will likely not be replaced at the end of it. However, there might be another one for the 'fighting season' next year so the UK troops need only hold the larger area during the (relatively) less exciting winter months.
  11. Let us see. If they go in late September there is still plenty of time for mischief. Even the PM admits we are under resourced if reports in the DT yesterday are accurate. It seems that the only country who have the resources or are willing are the Americans. Lets hope that they stay in the area.
  12. Probably.
  13. Fcuk Yeah!!! :twisted:
  14. The USMC MEU is being used almost as a big QRF for S.Afghanstan.

    Baltimore Sun embedded blog - http://weblogs.baltimoresun.com/news/militarywatch/
  15. Why is it as we speak, the US Marines and British infantry and clearing the compounds in Garmsir in a major offensive, a modern day Bastone, yet all we hear on the news is Prince Williams measly 3 hours in Afghanistan?