2.4 run test next wednesday

I have 1 week to go. What sort of training would you advise?

I was thinking that I would take off 2 days before the actual test.

I don't know if I should, for example, do any more speed training, or just do some light running over the next week. I've managed to pick up a f--ing knee injury (argh!!) and while its not too bad (yet) im hoping it will not pack in till next week!!
What's your time like now?

What's your target time?

If you're well under your target, take it easy. No point in making your injury worse.

If you're not.......well, you left it a bit late don't you think?
Im under the required time of 10:15.

I've been timing myself on a very good treadmill, and I clocked 9:18, but I know that is not the same as the real deal. It's a lot easier knowing what pace you are going.

Yeah I think you are probably right, just need to take it easy this next week.
Take it easy this week. Under 10 mins was a good time when I was there (couple of months ago). The only thing you might want to check is that you are ok running on the road, some find it lowers there time some dont. Also when you do your run you are agaist other people so make sure you push yourself, you should be up the front with your time.
Good luck, its not bad at RSC
Let us know how you get on, also PM me if you need anymore info.
I did it in 9:40

I was happy to have passed but I want to do better. My preparation couldn't have been worse this morning, no breakfast, nothing, not even a coffee and running late. I've made up for it now though, mmmm coffee.

Still a pass is a pass. Yay!

Im gonna work on my base more. I did a 12 km run which almost killed me last week. I was in shit state.
Nice one!

You'll be going for the 'Hundred Club' next then?
Guys im not actually training to get into the army. Im training to join the NZ cops!

I was in the Signals for 5 months before I wimped out and left, this was over 10 years ago, a move I have regretted ever since. I did all my basic training and then when I was in Blandford camp was when I became totally disillusioned and jacked it in.

Anyhow, thats ancient history, no excuses.

I don't know if you guys can tell me how I can get my old military references? I chucked mine in the bin. Ha!

Is is the records office? Anyhow cheers.