2 - 3 minute icebreaker at Selection

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by bad_cat, Sep 8, 2006.

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  1. Hi Can anyone tell me what i need to talk about .ie the 2 - 3 minute icebreaker at selection as i have no idea what to talk about
  2. The Topic of dry **** sex with farm animals usually goes down well you'll find :twisted:
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  3. Its not much to worry about i did it a few months ago. You Just have to talk for a few minutes about why you want to join the part of the army you applied for. your family, hobbies etc.

    Good luck

  4. Is that you talked about :!:

  5. Cheers mate..
  6. I wanted to join 3 Para Mortars!!
  7. you could always try the one abuot the Military being too militant in their approach and replacing all weapons with safer versions that don't hurt anybody and how all this saluting and calling people Sir is too elitist and we should replace heirachical structures with a dynamic skill based approach.

    You might get some nasty looks from the staff but don't worry about it, they are just testing your confidence and ability to speak your mind......
  9. hiya, i had to go through it in april. just talk about yourself and let everyone know what your hobbies, etc are. it doesn't hurt to prepare beforehand but you don't want to sound as though you've prepared a speech

    best of luck
  10. My recital of "The Ballad Of Eskimo Nell" went down rather well.
  11. Thanx
  12. Don't do what I saw one fella doing, talking about not owning an ant farm for the first time that year!? It was as odd as it sounds! Strangely enough he didn't get binned.
  13. Cheers.

    I know some people can be right arse holes here.
  14. Rather like the bloke on my RCB who did his lecturette via the medium of a glove puppet...today he is a colonel in the RLC and still as mad as a bag of frogs on a hotplate.
  15. The basic format should be. Home life/family, school and education, sports, hobbies and interests, your job choice, why you chose it, what it involves, basic and trade training.