2:2 Degree + Becoming an Officer

Hi chaps, thought I'd join the forum and say hello. I graduated a couple of years ago with a 2:2 degree (I know, :|) and am looking into joining the army as an officer. Would the 2:2 degree be a hindrance to getting into Sandhurst? I'm worried they might see it as evidence of lacking academic ability or the drive to get a 2:1. I did work quite hard, unfortunately for my degree result much more of my efforts went into training and playing sport (in two sports, both for the University First team) and then into helping run the club, on the committee. I did go to one of the better universities, but I'm worried about my grade.

Also, does your degree result affect which parts of the army you can apply to join? I know some require a specific degree, but will having a 2:2 rule out any particular part of the army?

I was pretty disappointed at the time with the result, I got a great deal from playing sport and feel like I achieved a lot in that but in the end my piece of paper says "2:2". I know this doesn't reflect my intellect but it's a question of how to show that. If I did it all over again I think I might do things differently, but can't change it now!

I got in with a Third, old bean. Not something I'm proud of but I demonstrated that I had the Potential To Follow Orders Without Question, Lead Men Consciensciously And Serve My Country In The Service Of War. That's what they're looking for and don't forget it.

Having said that, I do have bags of civilian life experience and have been a manager in many walks of life. The best thing you can do is try. After all, you can't chnage your grade now, so crack on, adapt to any academic weaknesses you may have experienced and have a good time.

Let us know how you get on and good luck,

Although for the Guards that would need to be "What ho, chaps"

Or ending with "Right you are", that one got me a treat. I almost giggled like a little girl.
A Desmond eh. Super. Just the very job. The drinker's degree. Nothing wrong with that.

Now, the not so easy bit. Trawl these pages, analyse the criteria for successful entry, and then assess to what, if any, degree you meet them. You might even decide that a life of service to HRH is not for you. On the other hand, start filling in your application.

The degree is the easy bit.

Old Rat

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