2/17 RNSWR

I'm off to Ozzy in a month or so and wonder if anyone has worked with 2/17 RNSWR, I'm looking to join a TA unit and they are fairly close. Disscus.

Not a member of 2/17, but was in another Bn of the RNSWR a few years ago. Also, I'm in the process of rejoining and most likely looking at 2/17 myself.

What particular info are you after? Have you visited the Bn's website? Officer or general entry? Transferring from the TA?

Looking at SP Coy, general entry with a view to Commision, had a full career with the British Army. Been to visit Bn HQ but didn't leave with a warm fuzzy feeling. Hence the question if any one knows what the blokes are like. I'm the RSM of a TA unit now and the blokes are top guys. I'm too green just to leave the mob.

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