2-1 Entrance Exam

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by daveparky119, Mar 16, 2007.

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  1. So how did people find the exam today, any points from any trades
  2. Tech exam was easy looking back at it, but I'm pretty sure i failed! I went into mong mode on the opening question and it didn't get much better from there on. DOH! Time for a re-trade I think.

    Mong Tech.
  3. i found it quite easily, they had put it on a table with my name on :)

    as for the exam, it wasnt as hard as i had imagined, the 2-1 i did was a great preperation :meditate:
  4. Heh, I remember coming out of mine last year thinking id nailed it, even checked my precis after and was well confident.

    I was rather shocked a few weeks later to find I'd only got 84 and 78%....
  5. with regard to that last comment, dont u think u should be able to see your test paper afterwards, see where you dropped your marks.
    Who is actually marking these test papers??? Are they competent???
    Are the test papers double checked???
    It is our carreers at the end of the day.
  6. Can't remember wheter I got to see my paper afterwards, don't think I did.
  7. Exams are marked by the Yeoman and Foreman courses in Blandford, i'm told. So if theres a dozen fecking noshers on the course, then you be fcuked!
  8. screwed if they know you and you have "personality issues" :thumbdown:
  9. Thats why you get a candidate number and your name doesn't go on it so that can't (or shouldn't) hapeen.
  10. Not at all Puma, I am not 100% sure who actually marks them, but I think it is actually the instructors of Blandford, not the YofS/FofS course. They have more than enough to do.

    Whoever marks them, there is no possibility of them knowing you and having "personality issues". I take it you haven't taken the Exam, in any trade, for you not to know this. You do not get to see your paper again.
  11. i took the exam (twice)
    been so long ago i forgot you got a number and your name was not used
    memory not as good as it once was
    what were we talking about again??
  12. i found paper two pretty hard, but im pretty sure i nailed the first one.

    this was my second attempt... hope somebody with a sense of humour or pity marks mine. :)

    anyone else find that due to the nature of the questions on paper 2 there were alot of hands being raised asking to define the question better.
    we had at least half of the people struggling to understand what the question was asking.
  13. Did anyone do the IS Eng, how did they find it, I got caught out on 1 question, but im sure i dropped more marks here and there.
  14. The RS and AS papers were the easiest I have seen for quite a few years. I think this was backed up by the fact that the majority of candidates left after about 45 minutes on both parts. I dont know about the other trade papers though.

    The YofS and FofS courses do not mark the 2-1 papers at Blandford. There is an exams wing that are responsible for marking all the papers. They are marked twice by examiners and then both results checked by a third person for any descrepancies.
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