2,000th US fatality

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Oct 25, 2005.

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  1. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/middle_east/4376812.stm

    Another tragic statistic. :(

    Just wait for the shaved ape to start pleading for the media "not to make too much of the total" because it "discourages the brave soldiers" or some cr@p like that in order to avoid attacks on his head-in-the-sand policies.
  2. In todays modern age the statistics are absolutely disgusting....

    Much has been said, stated and argued about the whole Iraq affair and where is Iraq now......

    1 or 2000 its all tragic

  3. He's already given the old chesnuts about "staying the course" and "the best way to honour the fallen is to finish the job." :?
  4. Just went over to Mil.com to take a look at what they're saying.

    Must be going blind in my doteage , because damned if I can find a word written on the matter.

    Anyway , here's something rather poignant from one of those "Leftist" networks in the US


    ..and here http://www.cnn.com/2005/WORLD/meast/10/25/dead.remembered.ap/index.html


    Spare a thought too, for the badly injured in US Forces too ill to return to active duty. Looking at various sources on the web, some 6000+ are in this position.
  5. Many echoes of a failed Vietnam or mis-managed NI seem to be present. Too many political mistakes resulting in injury or death to the troops.

    Sad loss....RIP :cry:
  6. It is indeed a sad statistic.

    It's cuttings like that PTP that bring home the individuality of each of the numbers that make up the total.

    Unfortunately it is one that is only going to grow in the forseeable future.
  7. I wonder if there will be this much coverage for the 100th Brit death in Iraq ?
    What is the significance of the 2000th US serviceman/woman to die in the service of their country ? Every death is a tragedy felt acutely by family and friends. In WW2 there were battles where more than 2000 men were killed. In WW1 2000 men would be lost in the space of an hour - or less. Below is a list of US deaths in all our wars. To the left which includes the US media, they are attempting to do what they did in Vietnam - the steady drum beat of negative news created a change in public opinion. During Vietnam the left aided the communist enemy and today the left supports the islamic radicals.

  8. I dont think you could make the same left/right distinction over here, tomy.
  9. I think you can. The tone of the European news media is no different than in the US - leftist/socialist. Its almost like they read off the same script. They dont even try to find out whats really happening on the ground there. All the media felt elections wouldnt work. After their success then it wasnt good enough. Recently the Iraqi's turned out to vote for a constitution and what was the media reaction ? Excuses why the election was flawed. When in reality a democracy movement has sprung up not only in Iraq but in Lebanon. Would the Syrian's have pulled out were we not in Iraq ? I doubt it. If you dont like the term left or right, maybe liberal/progressive try anti-war they all amount to the same thing. But this is a bit off topic.
  10. Tom

    Left and Right are using this tragedy to their own ends

    From the President declaring "We must stay the course for the Iraqi people" trying to excite patriotic fervour while his popularity goes into freefall , to the anti-war movement asking for a justification why so many American lives have been lost on a thankless task.

    The analogy regarding WW2 is false. I notice it being increasingly used by the Right in the US as some twisted form of justification or comparison.

    Yes 2000+ died in the first hour on Omaha , but the reasons they died, and the ideals they died for are well documented.

    America was attacked, and Hitler had declared war on the United States. The USA was literally fighting for the free world, against an aggressive foe. The US didn't just arbitrarily attack Germany based on at best 'flawed' intelligence.

    Before you counter this statement with " Yes, but Iraq was part of the war on terror" , just what terrorist action did Iraq instigate against the USA or the UK?

    I do not think it can be explained away either , as simply "Oh it's the here in 5 minutes" generation. The American people were conditioned to the long haul at least a year ago. What is frustrating, is the results are still not palpable. It could be argued, there have been "free and fair" elections, but even those are now subject to query and investigation.

    Polls from Iraq released this week, confirm our worst fears. the majority of the country want us gone. I do not think those polls were solely conducted in Sunni-dominant areas were they.

    Why exactly did we invade Iraq again? Do we finally have a definitive answer on that?
  11. PartTimePongo echoed:

    Nothing...well...or wells...and
    Something definitive about a Saddass' WMDs we all know he had... and Helliburbon.

    (And Freedom to even those poor bassturds... too dumb to want it ...)



  12. Bush's poll numbers are actually up. The ant-war effort in the US is very small if that number should grow into a huge movement as during Vietnam then the government will have a big problem. Unlike Vitenam we dont have a military composed of draftee's. We invaded Iraq because Saddam was a very bad man. The Iraqi people are free for the first time in decades. To me thats exactly the samething we did in Europe after WW2 and the Cold War. What they do with their freedom now depends on each Iraqi. So far most are standing firm against a vicious minority.
  13. Q: Why did we invade Iraq?

    A: Because Dick Cheney left a set of golf clubs there.
  14. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Thats not what you said at the time. You said it was to remove Saddam's WMDs.

    What colour is the sky on your planet? You talk so much rubbish I hardly ever bother to reply. You are so poorly informed and/or educated it is shocking that people like you have influence on the world. I wouldn't trust you to take care of a fcuking puppy dog. :roll:

    Edited for spelling