1st Weekend

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Murray1873, Sep 3, 2009.

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  1. Away with the TA this weekend.

    Any hints on essentials I'll need?


    New as fukc
  2. is by chance your username made up of your surname and last four digits of your army number?

    your superiors do read arrse, trust me

    *sorry to be a killjoy
  3. Neg. Any hints on what to expect so I can sort my shit?
  4. ask some of the other lads in your unit, at least one of them would have done the weekends fairy recently and can advise you on kit as one training centre may be different to another
  5. If you are attending 4Div RTC (SE) at Malta Bks in Aldershot your 1st weekend will consist generally of the following:

    Fri - Arrival, booking in briefings and wpns to armoury.

    Sat - Rouse approx 0600hrs, Platoon muster parade, breakfast, collect weapons, a series of lectures and presentations and some PT until lunch time approx, move onto a training area with all of your field kit, carryout basic field craft lessons, SAA lessons, night in the field.

    Sun - More field craft, SAA lessons and PT until lunch, after lunch clean up of Bks, final Company parade and dismissal.

    This is the general idea, you must be aware that Friday night is in barracks and Saturday night is in the field.

    Take ALL of your issue kit plus washing and shaving kit & towel, spare underwear and socks, PT kit (MUST BE - green issue T shirt and dark blue issue shorts), boot cleaning kit, note book and pen/pencil, a small amount of money for stickies. No need for civilian clothing this weekend, but you will need it for the rest of your weekends.

    Make sure you have ALL of your kit as you may be RTU'd/back squadded if you have not got the correct kit to carryout the training.

    One last thing to pack, a sense of humour, but dont pack an attitude.

    You will at times feel like you are getting fucked around and you will get shouted at by instructors if you do not do what you are told first time (or if you are a mong).
  6. Perhaps naming where you're going? Or what typeof course it is ya on? Is it a recruit course you're attneding? If an Exercise what name?

    Hard to advise what to bring without knowing what you're actually doing!
  7. PM sent
  8. my first weekend i was touched in my special place by my cpl....may be different for you of course!
  9. At some point on the weekend you'll take part in GBB. It's usually a night time exercise. Definately bring some durex performa with you.
  10. H3

    H3 LE

    Did you forget to ask your training team at your TAC ........ !!!

    Take a book .
  11. What no spped march? Lazy buggers.
  12. What do you think PT is, DOH!
  13. I prefer the ancient and little known greek phrase 'fat useless c*nts'
  14. Skipping, with gay abandon? :?
  15. no thats just the PTI's ;)