1st Test Chennai

A solid though not outstanding start from England's openers. Good to see Strauss getting a ton - lets hope he converts it into a big score! Help needed from the middle order though!!!!
Solid start by the bowlers. 98-4 as i type. Need to get Tendulkar out though!!!!
Close of play Saturday.

Strauss (Note 1) and Collingwood (Note 2) at the crease and two hundred plus ahead with seven wickets standing, although Pietersen is out (Note 3).

That said, I'm sure we'll find some way of seizing defeat from the jaws of victory.

Note 1 - Had a good rest from cricket and 'bingo'.
Note 2 - Did not have a good rest, but he is a serious 'scrapper' - think Durham Light Infantry.
Note 3 - Make the best batsman skipper and 'bingo' - no more runs!
Classic England. Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.......................
Good on India - started their second innings with the intent to win the game even though it was a big target. I imagine if it had been England batting last they would have tried to survive the last day and a half and scrape a "hard fought draw" - going for a win would never had crossed their minds.
sad to say i think you're right. :x
Why haven't our cricket boys got that killer instinct? They don't seem to have the knack of killing off the opposition, not even with the lesser test playing nations. Still I think that they did better than the Aussies.

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