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Discussion in 'Juniors' started by FollowtheSpr, Jun 9, 2012.

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  1. I'm moving to Germany (1st posting) and getting married quarters. Will I get my stuff moved to Germany or will I have to pay to move my home contents over? Im not moving until October and i'm also on leave atm, so this is why i'm asking here instead of the HIVE. Please dont post stupid comments that dont answer my question..
  2. Hive will be the best point of contact for what will officially happen, you'll get some top tips here but don't dismiss the Hive.
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  3. Roger. Just wondering if anyone has info now on same experience. Will be going to housing dept after leave.
  4. Unless there had been recent changes, unfortunately your first and last moves are paid for by yourself, all others in-between are paid for by the army.
  5. Unless you can prove that you lived with your wife before hand, and that it was not your first house together.
  6. Your last move is paid for.

    It si the first that is not generally.

    Can you get a quarter at the location you are currently at? You don't even need to move in. But if you are in receipt of your Posting Order you're buggered.

  7. My bold, when did that change then?
  8. your post from quarters to civvy street isnt paid for?
  9. I was always under the impression your last move was paid for...

    Could be a bit of p1sser moving your kit from Hong Kong to Blighty, or even BFG.
  10. Just moved from overseas to my own house in UK with 3 months till ENDEX and now only doing resettlement stuff. My move was all paid for.
  11. Ooh, look, one question - 10 different answers. Poor lad's first posting and already there's an argument about the final move into civvy street.
    Right, first of all I fuckin' hate you for getting your first posting to Germany. Brattys, Herfys, cheapo cars, booze and fags!
    Second, go and see the HIVE and your admin. There are always ways of getting round the first and last move scenarios. If you're already married, the move to your training unit can be classed as your first and your move to Germany can be classed as your second move etc. When it eventually comes up, request your last posting within 50 miles of where you are going to live. You don't actually have to go to that unit but it will count as your second last posting and so on.
    Bet you that you get your move to Germany paid for and stay out of those caravans on the side of the main roads.
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  12. First posting and last posting are not paid for.
  13. Not really what the OP is after but...

    Moving In / Moving Out
  14. wrong Sluggy - you get your last move paid for, if you choose to reside overseas you get the cost of a notional move to the UK, Catterick at present.

    as for the op, you can either complete your move online via the DHE website, or if unsure go to your Welfare Office they will give you guidance. Once removals arranged etc liaise with Welfare regarding staying the the welfare flat and or Hotel. Speak to your L&M Clk to arrange your ferry passage (if driving) or flights to BFG. If flying on the trooper flights there will be Garrison transport to collect you, but they will drop you at a designated stop, not to your door. Again speak to welfare regarding welfare flat and or hotel whilst your possessions are delivered in BFG.

    If you incurr any costs for hotel you can get an advance on JPA, alternatively you can ask for an advance of pay on posting, but remember in both cases its a loan.

    Keep all receipts for food and hotels - hotels must be booked through the system, in order to claim money back. Regarding food, if you have babies in your family dont go claiming for wagon wheel pizzasa each - you get hung.

    Once in BFG you will be able to cash cheques for up to 6 weeks using the Forces exchange rate known as the FFR, in this time you will be expected to open a German account and get funds paid into it via JPA.

    At present though you can get money over the counter via the forces post office, their FFR at the minute is better and the service is free, however the FPO computers are classified as being in the UK, if you use your card at the FPO then use it 20 mins later in a German bank likelihood is that your card will be cancelled as its showing up in 2 countries in the space of 20 minutes.

    If travelling by car ensure you carry the necessities ie kettle, brew kit, washing kit, iron, uniform etc, removals may get delayed.
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  15. Pretty much what I was told, luckily my first pad wasn't too far from home, although the last one was and cost me an arm and a leg. But to give an answer to the original question (I wouldn't know as the only pads I've had have been UK based) would things be any different if posted abroad though?

    Edit: looks like someone knows.