1st of the month lottery.

Why is it my first visit of the month to the cashpoint is always such an exciting experience? It seems ours is the only company in UK that can get away with not paying its employees. You may have heard this many times from members of other corps but I would really like to know what is being done. Every time a mistake is made the answer always points to the same thing:
"Yeah we made 2 unicom entries in the same day so you are now a cash paid soldier, sorry but its the computer at Glasgow."

" You have had March's food and accom taken off 7 times in one month, sorry theres nothing we can do its the computer at Glasgow."

Who is responsible for putting a ZX81 in charge of my pay?

This is a problem army wide and I am trying to get a civil action together but my old chief refuses to help.

Any info gratefully received.
Q: Do you still get paid?

A: Yes.

Do I have to elaborate?
Well put. \Ok heres the deal you give me all your wages for the next 6 months, I look after them in my account gathering interest etc and then I give you them back. No problems there. You wont mind living on fresh air for sixth months because you will be safe in the knowledge you will get your money back. The point I was trying to get across was that not knowing you are not going to be paid leaves bills unpaid. Is the AGC "Dumbing down" too?
In answer to the question who is in charge of the ZX81 ....... well surprise surprise it is EDS that famous lot who have given Government and Industry winning systems that don't work.... and we all know what EDS stands for Eventually Deliver Something 8O 8O 8O 8O

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