1st of 8X155 mm FRA CAESAR cannons arrived in A-stan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by fantassin, Jun 29, 2009.

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  1. France to send 8X155 mm cannons (CAESAR) to A-stan this summer

    It's been announced today that France will send 8 CAESAR 155 mm cannons (truck mounted, range 40 km) to Afghanistan.

    Two will be put in each of the three FOBs used by the French there (in Kapissa and Surobi) and two will be kept as spare in Kabul. These cannons will be crewed by the 11 RAMa (11 ème Régiment d'artillerie de marine) and it will be the first operational deployement of the CAESAR which entered service in the French army less than a year ago.

    The 120 mm RTF1 heavy mortars already used by French artillerymen in Afghanistan will remain in theatre so as to offer a wide range of option to the tactical commander.

    Link in French


    The CAESAR

  2. Be interesting to see how these light wheeled SPGs work out- seems like the right bit of kit for supporting 'medium-weight' forces like 19th Lt Bde...don't the Czechs make a not dissimilar one called the Zuzana?
  3. Does France have Excalibur or equivalent? Can CEASAR fire Excalibur?
  4. AFAIK, France has no Excalibur; it is working with the russians to adapt the Krasnopol shell but it is very expensive.

    The Impaqt project is also going on with the UK IOT produce a 155 mm shell capable of an accuracy of 10 metres.

  5. msr

    msr LE

    Slovaks, but most won't know the difference ;)


  6. Do we have something similar in theatre ? M777 perhaps ? Oh no silly me I forgot we can't afford that. :wink: :(
  7. That'll put the wind up the 'dushman' - no doubt at all! I wonder if the French will remember the ammunition?
  8. Last time French artillery used its 155 mm cannons in anger (AUF1 SP Guns, Igman, Bosnia, 1995), they did not forget their shells, all 650 of them....19 Rgt RA was also firing alongsides them with their Light Guns as well as FFL and RNLMC 120 mm RTF1 heavy mortars.
  9. The Krasnopol shell is a long shell and has to be manually loaded. Does CESAR have autoload?

    BTW as Qinetiq is involved with Impaqt expect the R&D costs to be astronomical :evil:
  10. It looks as an imitation of activity to remain on mostly passive positions. These cannos are rather usesless in guerillar war.
  11. The CAESAR has a semi auto loading system which can be disconnected to turn to manual. And yes, the Impaqt is likely to cost a packet....

    As for those cannons to be useless, everything points to the contrary. In theatre, the Brits are happy with their L118s, the Dutch with their PzH2000s and the Canucks with their M-777s. Those pieces are truly offering an around-the-clock, all weather support and reports tend to prove that the ACM start to seek cover and give breathing space to coalition forces when they hear heavy lead coming their way.

    Since the French want to establish a truly autonomous FRA TF in RC-E, the CAESAR will offer them a network of self supporting FOBs with heavy firepower or illum they can rely on and control without external intervention. The 40 km range will be a great improvment on the 13 km range of the 120 mm RTF1 mortars they had been using up to now.

    On top of this, the CAESAR having good sales prospects (it has already been sold to Saudi and Thailand), the "Combat proven" stamp will also come in handy when it will compete with other systems (even though CAESAR has currently not opponent in its class, the closest thing being the Archer which weighs nearly twice as much).
  12. No sh1t Tonto! If the ammo it fires is anything like the UK L15 ammo each round will generate between 15,000 -20,000 fragments. Deadly in airburst mode 8)
  13. I know I am stating the very obvious but apparently KGB resident had difficulties grasping this concept....shrapnels make no difference between low and high intensity warfare I reckon....
  14. Pedantic mode on!

    Its fragments or splinters - not Shrapnel 8) Shrapnel is carried and a carrier shell and expelled by and internal charge.

    Pedantic mode off!

    And I agree - I need to get out more and drink even more beer than I currently do :twisted:

    As to troops in the open: