1st Major EU Mission Is British-Led Success

Well huzzah and hurrah! I find myself fully in agreement with Mr Ingram..... but I would say that, wouldn't I? Actually, only 22 of the 33 nations contributing were from Europe, but thats a minor point. The real point, at least from my perspective, is that BiH is now so benign a theatre that one can risk policing it with an EU formation. Having done the lessons learnt thing from this operation, the EU may well feel itself more capable and able to take on something a little meatier. Step forward the PfP nations: why bother asking the Dutch to take part knowing that they'll opt out at the first hint of anything nasty (as in Afghanistan) when you can get a bunch of raving monster Poles, Hungarians and others from "new Europe" to do the dirty for you?
If you are looking for tasty men of all work for PKO/PEO right through to war-fighting then look no further than the Czech Republic. These are hard and well trained boys with a great attitude. Oh and they don't like muslims much either...(see Infant of Prague et cetera)
I was interested at this quote from the article:
EUFOR has also pioneered the use of small teams of military personnel who live among the local people. The teams, called Liaison and Observation Teams, provide useful low-level intelligence and keep in touch with popular opinion.
Seems a good concept, where force protection allows. Some similarities with, for example, the field station concept operated in Region 1 of the old OSCE Kosovo Verification Mission, albeit in a somewhat different situation. Others will think of parallels in other times and theatres.

It seems that the Liaison and Observation Team concept in B-H was in fact launched during the final restructuring of SFOR preparatory to handing over to EUFOR/OP ALTHEA: 'SFOR INFORMER' LINK

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