1st LOYALS (?)

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by happy_as_a_hat, Sep 26, 2006.

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  1. My dad is doing research on our family tree but has come accross a bit of a barrier...he knew his father (he has got further than this but is now trying for more detail!) was in the Army and has found some photos however he cannot identify what unit he was part of.

    The photos were taken in; Malta 1945, Moasear (Egypt) 1946, Lybia 1946, Palastine 1947, Eritrea 1947 and Sembel Camp (not sure where) 1947.

    Most of the photos are of a Sigs Sect (I identified the crossed flags of a Unit Rad Op) and the people in them are wearing a flash that LOOKS LIKE an anchor and a shoulder title that says "1st LOYALS". He cannot make out a Cap Badge of any sort and the blokes in the pics are from all over the country, from Birkenhead to Croydon.

    Pease help if you can!!!
  2. Loyal North Lancashires I think

    Edited to add: Didn't see previous post.
  3. My old man did his National Service with 1 Loyals during the Malayan Emergency. I've got some source material at home from the QLR museum at Fulwood (the Loyals amalgamated with the Lancashire Regt in 1970). I'll dig out the contact names and post for you later.