1st line REME in the TA to be axed

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by two-four-albert, Aug 27, 2012.

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  1. The word on the street has been chatted behind closed doors for a while now, any thoughts or nuggets of information ?
  2. I understand in 51 Bde the regular Bart has been replaced with the NRPS ASM from the defunct 2 Div who is being done away with too. It's being suggested that the BEME is to go next and ES in Scotland will be run by 153 Wksp Coy which may possibly be expanded slightly to bluff as REME Bn Scotland.
  3. I'm not sure how this will work in an area far away from any REME TA 2nd line footprint......
  4. Now that the plans are public knowledge I thought I'd jump start this thread (I'm allowed, I am deemed competent). My thoughts are that this is a blinkered idea with limited benefits, the training of REME tradesmen at 1st line could easily be improved whilst keeping them at their current units/TAC's.
    Move the PiDs to their affiliated REME Bn on paper but retain them at their current location, the REME Bn then calls them in for mandated STA training as required. The REME still gets its aforementioned empire built (after all that's what this is really about) and the units that the tradesmen are supposed to be supporting (remember them) remain supported. No need to fanny about with scaling or STTE either. It should also be cheaper and there's more chance of the 1st line tradesmen staying instead of binning it or rebadging.
    An idea so simple I'm not surprised the REME head shed didn't think of it
  5. If it does go through my nearest unit will be in Barnet, 34 miles each way instead of 16. I think they can poke it. I'd look to rebadge. They would have to put in a big sweetener to make me think of doing the best part of an hour each way.

    There's a reason for the Territorial bit in the name...
  6. Hence the rebranding!
  7. Then they'll wonder why nobody turns up.....
  8. im not REME in the TA but i do have to travel 26 miles each way after they closed the nearest TAC which was only 15 miles away and it is a pain in the arrse, but on the plus side i get a decent travel expense and it costs me no where near what i get in travel to fuel the car.
  9. I'm 20.5 miles to my REME unit each way. Doesn't really bother me too much. Half an hour in the car. We have some who travel over 50 miles each way! And thats just on a drill night!
  10. Another thought on this. If no one from 1st line bothers to move to 2nd line and either rebadges or bins it, is there enough REME TA in 2nd line to cover the 1st line peace time work load? Bearing in mind they will be doing real work (not STA) on real vehicles (not training aids) whilst under the spot light of parent units who have just seen their own REME taken away from them.
    The management of this will be a nightmare both for 2nd line REME and the unit they are supposed to be supporting.......
  11. That's why they are gradually reducing the amount of travel to be paid out to reservists.