1st Line Organisation (1LO)

Discussion in 'RLC' started by regular_imbiber, Apr 17, 2013.

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  1. At least I think thats what 1LO stands for...

    Anyway,its been discussed on here previously and is the new practice of posting of 4 Log Specs to a Teeth Arms QM's Dept (4 for 5).

    I believe 4 CSLR have started posting bods to units now. Is this true and how is it panning out?
  2. 1st Line Optmisation - 4 Loggie specs in, 6 teeth arm G4-types out. A good land grab by the really large corps.
  3. "Optimisation"? Thats a lovely term.What do blokes in Teeth Arms units feel about it?
  4. As I understand it the loggies coming in will be supply specialists helping get the right kit from 2nd and 3rd line to the F Ech at the right time.

    I would guess the teeth arms soldiers not made redundant will be happy there are 6 less **** G4 jobs to be filled and the QM will be chuffed to have some people who know what they are doing and have all the mates-rates contacts at the log regt. But I suspect those combat soldiers made compulsorily redundant by a very narrow margin would have happily filled an HQ sqn job rather than being binned.
  5. The term 'professionalisation' was considered too political. There was anecdotal evidence that in some units own cap-badge personnel were sometimes very effective (the QRL running Bastion QM Dept on H12 had an excellent reputation, I recall). Conversely, there was concern that RLC LSS may not prove to be that professional. As luck would have it, the trial was skewed a bit by only posting hand-picked individuals. It will be interesting to see how well it is viewed when run-of-the-mill suppliers get posted in.

    When you think about it, if the RLC doing it is optimal, does that mean the Teeth Arms guys doing it before were sub-optimal?
  6. Ref broken_man's post #6; surely Teeth Arms units have seen this sort of thing before when they lost their own clerks, chefs and most of their medics etc?
  7. Nothing new - FAACO, FATSO, FAMTO have all trodden this rather well-worn route.
  8. too much irony.....
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  9. Hand picked only soldiers will go to teeth arm units, they must be able to run under a 9 minute PFA, be class one supplier qualified (which will soon incorperate a ALL Arms storemans qual)
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  10. 9 min PFA? Well thats 99% of any Suppliers i have seen not eligible!
  11. And 50% of teeth arm units..