1st July 1916

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Jul 1, 2003.

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  1. It was going to end the war in 6 months........

    Spare a thought for those that made the ultimate sacrifice . It is hard to comprehend the horror.

    Those that have visited the CWGC sites in France and Belgium, looking at rows upon rows of immaculate graves, all bearing the same date of death will know what I mean
  2. Christ you carry some weight on your shoulders Pongo.  Were you at school with some of them like?

  3. Indeed Pongo,

    I never forget the sacrifices of those men, living in Belgium and always visiting the CWGC sites, it always is very moving.

    My Grandfathers Regiment the Inniskillings suffered heavily on the the 1st July.

    Lest We Forget
  4. A timely reminder, Pongo.

    My dear departed Granny lost two brothers during WW1.  Lest we forget, indeed.
  5. No Ma

    I had a Grandfather there, his Battalion were decimated around him on 1/2 July trying to take a German strongpoint. I never really knew him, all I have are the photos, so I can only imagine what he went through. I sure as hell would never want to be in the same position.
  6. While we all remember the sacrifice of all who fell during the Somme my thoughts are with those of the 36th (Ulster) Division and my thanks to the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland Paul Murphy for helping making a foreign field forever part of Ulster.


    Faugh a Ballagh!
  7. That is excellent news Ginger, and very very fitting.

    I've often wondered, whether more effort should be put into buying tracts of land upon which certain battles were fought, to preserve them from the relentless march of developers etc.

    There are other sites in france I would like to see preserved in the same way, to keep the memories alive in perpituity. Not as a celebration of war per se, but somewhere, where succesive generations can understand more readily, what actually happened.

    We do preserve Battlefield sites in the UK, but what about on the continent or SE Asia or even Africa?

    The El Alemein battlefield now has various developments encroaching on it, I'm sure other battlefields are under development even as we speak...
  8. Sad to think that after the losses of the first day, haig thought he would still be able to break out and continued to throw regiment after regiment at the german lines until october.
  9. Lions lead by donkey... not much has changed there... my great grandfather was at the somme and later Poziers with the Aussies, Has anyone been to Ypres? thats an interesting trip, the Hill 417 (I think thats the name) museum takes no prisoners with its exhibits theres even a boot complete with foot!

    lest we forget
  10. I was on a Somme Battlefield tour last October.  Our guide (an ex Sandhurst Instructor) would take us to a field, he would then break down the ground in front of us, telling us what Regiments went over the top and where they approached from.  It was moving indeed.  I would recommend it to anybody, especially if you get the right guide.