1st interview

got mine this week finally :)

who is it that interviews ya.. is it 1 of the sargeants in the careers or an officer?

i've heard the 1st interview's just to get to know about you, ya hobbies, family etc

however, i've been advised by the careers to know the ins and outs of my job choices for it... is this right? i thought that was the second interview...

Normally within two weeks of taking the BARB test you will be interviewed by a recruiter. You will be asked about your home life and family, school and education, sports, hobbies and interests. You will also be asked why you want to be a soldier, why the role you have selected and what you know about the Army and the training you will have to complete. A basic understanding of where the Army is deployed too is expected however, this is not critical to your overall interview.This interview is not to catch you out. The recruiter is their to help you get in not to stop you. If there are any problems they will talk about it to see how they can help.
A basic understanding of the Army and its roles in foreign countries is a help. Another tip is know how to spell Sergeant correctly.


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