1st Interview (surveyor engineering)

How do chaps! av got my first interview tomorrow and just wondered if u have an advice or anything that can help me. also i am goin for surveyor engineering, has anyone here done this and if so wats it like?
The first interview is fairly relaxed. Wear a suit (shirt and tie minimum), and just answer all of they're questions calmly and in depth. No one word answers, you can't talk too much. Make yourself sound good, focus on all of your strengths, and even bullshit somewhat (not in excess). They won't ask you too much about your job choice, in fact they will tell you about it mostly.

Just be confident, and relaxed.

Oh yeah; keep both feet flat on the ground, and don't cross your arms.
Like to think I know a little about surveyor engineering. It's a good trade choice but is probably the most academically demanding trade for a soldier to learn within the Corps. Your maths and english should be very good for you to have a chance of even getting a place on the course. The instructors will then take your maths to around AS Level. However your hard work is rewarded with an HND at the end of your Class 1 course.

Very few surveyors are being trained in "civvy street" so it is also a good trade to have for the long term. Good luck in your application.

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