1st interview on friday please help

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by uk7867, Jul 8, 2008.

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  1. uk7867

    uk7867 Crow

    hi, just wondering what kind of questions are asked? s im going for infantry and thats my only job choice.are they there to catch u out? so whatelse am i going to expect?

  2. private---pile

    private---pile Old-Salt

    its not an interview as such. just asking if you play sprt, what your family think about you joining etc

    your medical was ok then??
  3. They are not there to catch you out, each careers office wants as many recruits passing through them as possible, so as long as you look presentable (wear a suit if you have one, make sure you shave etc), bring everything that they have asked you to bring, and show them you know what you are getting yourself in for, you'll be fine.
  4. snyper87

    snyper87 Crow

    Don't worry about it.All they do is ask why you wanna join and what you're family situation is like and what you wanna aspire to do etc.It's all about you and if you love what you wanna do that much then you will know about your possible chosen regiment so they can't ask you anything you won't know!good luck fella!
  5. VarSity

    VarSity Old-Salt

    Had my interviews yesterday, like others have said its more of a general chat.

    One thing I would say is dress smart, I turned up in my work suit and more or less the first comment out of my Sergeants mouth was "Thank god you made an effort, last bloke has a track suit on".
  6. snyper87

    snyper87 Crow

    HA!that's exactly the comment my recruitment sergeant said.must ahve been the same recruitment office.lol
  7. oloveridge

    oloveridge Swinger

    lol i swear to god that is so funny
  8. Taffnp

    Taffnp LE

    dont wear a turban and a puffa jacket - will put them off
  9. shake

    shake Clanker

    I turned up in a suit and tie and the recruiter just laughed and said "Oooooh look at you!"... cnut :wink:

    Whole supposedly formal side of the process has been really casual, interview was just a chat and actually a really good laugh. Was given my selection dates and rail warrants and told not to worry about a second interview, top bloke.

  10. geordie_g

    geordie_g War Hero

    Well i have an interview a week on monday (21st) been a right faff on with medical stuff and getting records to appeal, but its been done!

    My recruiter has changed, so when she was going over what my job choices are, she said "my they are a bit different"

    1. OPMI
    2. RMP
    3. Ammo Techy
  11. LUFC91

    LUFC91 Clanker

    Look smart and remember your job information, myn was more like an informal chat than an interview and so was the 2nd.
  12. feu_de_joie

    feu_de_joie War Hero

    Long time ago but these things don't change:

    Dress smartly
    Answer honestly
    Look them in the eye
  13. VarSity

    VarSity Old-Salt

    Were you the lanky ginger?