1st Interview:Formal or casual

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Mr.Orange, May 31, 2008.

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  1. Ive got my first interview on monday 2nd and being an interview it would make sence to wear something smart but would i look like a tw*t going to my first interview in a shirt&tie?

    How about just jeans and a polo shirt or something like that?
  2. i dont know what youre going for but youd look more of a tw*t being underdressed than overdressed i think.
    i wore shirt and tie to my first "informal" interview. was pretty relieved when i saw someone in the waiting area dressed the same :)
  3. Every single interview I had I turned up in a suit. Do you want them to think your dedicated or can't be arrsed? Can never go wrong with smart, except for your 1.5 mile run, I found my tie kept whipping me in the face! :p
  4. It's a job interview.

    Why would you not dress as smart as you can? First impressions last.
  5. Up to you mate, however, just be aware that the note taking and judgement starts from your very first enquiry.

    Would you rather “not look a tw*t” or impress from the start,

    If I was your recruiter, I would be impressed by the effort of the collar & Tie.

    One big word of advice, regardless what you wear, please for the love of all things sideways. ENSURE YOUR F*CKING SHOES ARE POLISHED
  6. Well i went in black shirt, black trousers, black/red tie and black shoes...can't get any smarter than black, even if it does look like your going to a funeral...:lol:

    But the Sergeant Major who interviewed me said they check what your wearing and said some people go in wearing jeans and a t-shirt, and didn't look too pleased about it!

    Dress smart and make a good impression!

    I'd rather go looking like a d!ck for being too smart than lookin like a d!ck for looking too casual...
  7. Firts impressions count, when I went to apply and did the barb I wore a shirt and trousers then for the interviews wacked on a tie.
  8. When I went to get some info about the infantry, when I first started the application process, I went tuckered up to the eye balls, even learnt how to do some fancy tie-knot for the occasion, a little OTT lol but it's better then looking like a scruffy t**t in kappa gear.

    Each and every time I've been down to my local office, I never seen anyone with a shirt and tie, that said, it is Bradford; maybe I'm expecting too much.
  9. you wanna be wearing smart clothes mate, I even turned up for my barb test in a shirt and trousers and he said it looked good as I was making an effort, so def wear a shirt and trousers at least
  10. You dress down, the impression that you give is that you don't care much about whether you get it or not, and that you aren't up to making an effort.

    You dress up, shows that you are serious about The Army, that you can make an effort to look neat and tidy to show yourself at your best.

    Now, which one do you think is best?

    Jacket and tie lad, every time.
  11. Oh, and have a reet good shave too!

    I remember the Sgt giving some kiddie a right pasting about personal hygiene and presentation; amused me.
  12. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    There is no such thing as an 'informal interview'. Not in the military, not in civvy street. An interview is an interview and impressions are always made.

    The rules are simple:

    1. Always be smart.
    2. Always polish your shoes.
    3. Do your homework on the subject before you go in.
    4. Always have a handy few questions to ask (even if you know the answer) to demonstrate that you are interested but don't know everything, therefore keen to learn.

    Following these simple rules I have seen much more success than failure.
  13. Mmmm Formal or casual? There is such a thing as sports casual, which cunningly combines the two. Just watch series 1 episode 4 of Alan Partridge's 'Knowing me, knowing you'.

    If someone came in wearing flannel action slacks and a pair of string back driving gloves, it would instantly say to me 'this man wants the job'
  14. I can see this desending into the old 'Useful top tips for Recruits' thread.