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1st Interview Female Dress Code Question.

Hello everyone.

I am beyond excited that I have my 1st interview soon however i think i'm over thinking every small detail because I want to succeed so much.
My question,however ridiculous it sounds is what is the best footwear to wear to my interview? Flats or heels?
I ask because for regular job interviews heels have been expected however I don't want to be seen as ridiculous for turning up to an Army interview in heels.

What would give the the best first impression? I'm completely prepared ( As much as i can be ) for this interview,I'm just unsure about this minor-kind of stupid -detail.

Thank you so much in advance, be kind to me i know this is somewhat laughable.
Whatever looks good with your intended dress as long as it looks smart and not trashy. Dress to impress, not flirt.
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