1st interview and icebreaker

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Hi all,

Ive got my first interview and my icebreaker this week on Friday, I have been going over all my job briefs and i was wondering what else do I need to learn? Also what will i need to say in the icebreaker, im not sure if they will have a list up or what have you for that one

Any help or advice?

My 3 choices are:

1. Infantry - RIFLES
2. RA - Light Gunner
3. REME - Armourer

Thanks in advance :D
Mate i had mine last week and i was dreading it didnt have to do my icebreaker until pre-selection in my interview it was more like a formal chat and the ice breaker had a sheet in front of me with pointers on just dont worry about it and you will be fine once you have finished you will wonder what all the fuss was about there is loads of threads about the ice breaker have a look and just get an idea in your head what you are going to say and trust me now matter how bad you think yours is some others peoples will be ten times worse.


The interview is more like a formal chat, and aslong as you aren't a complete moron wyou will be fine mate.
Just go in, be yourself and don't give them any reason not to like you.
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