1st Int Corps team to complete Cambrian

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Wench3000, Oct 30, 2006.

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  1. Just to let you all know that the 1st full Int Corps team to complete the Cambrian Patrol finished yesterday.

    Well done to the lads from 3MI! :)
  2. What did they get; Bronze, Silver or Gold?

    I met one of their lads (on the Cambrian team) on a course earlier in the year; well done Kev!!!

    *edit for clarification
  3. That is a lie a team from 2 MI finished last year

    get your facts right Sir
  4. They did finish, but not with the full team. This year they all got round.
  5. Well done the team (and Well done 2 MI's team from last year)
  6. No medals unfortunately but next year hopefully there'll be some gongs.
  7. The 2 MI team this year are just leaving and they're looking strong so should be some good news next week.
  8. Good luck to the 2MI team!
  9. Fair play to them. I've this to look forward to this friday.
  10. You'll enjoy it. Make sure you've got some good gaitors!
  11. Getting the issue jobs from stores. Going by our dry run this weekend, it's a set of fishermans waders I need.

    Just had a text from my mate - he said 'don't do it it, find an excuse quick' ;)
  12. Ha ha. It does get emotional very quickly but it is enjoyable. Try and get a spare bivvy bag aswell for the river crossing.
  13. Cheers!!
  14. Not heard you for a while Wenchy! You kind of disappeared after that "Fiendsreunited" thread... :D
  15. If they finished yesterday, when did they start?

    Last week?