1st Gay RE Soldier 'Comes out'

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Gunner_ear, Jan 15, 2002.

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  1. ;D
    I see that the Sapper page has gone quiet.....

    Forgotten how to use a keyboard or what?

    Anyhow, I hear the 1st one has come out - but has turned out to be a RSigs Cpl at Bovington or Blandford!

    I actually thought it would be a female in the AGC.....?
    WO2 @ Upavon??
  2. This is not new info

    RE's have always known about the "Gay" Engineers,  QGE - "Queen's Gay Engineers"

    Just have to watch out for their big choppers !!!!!!
  3. OOh you are awful!
  4. it must be something to do with the engineer bit like REME
  5. obviously no subject is safe in HarryTheB's quest to get his fifth star ;D

    Has anyone told him he doesn't get to pour the milkshakes and work the tills with five stars here, it's not like in his day job  ::)
  6. By gay do you mean that a happy Sapper has come out? Come out of what I'd like to know?
  7. Crossing dressing would be the envy of the RM and Plant Op's have a reputation to keep up! ;)
  8. CGS

    CGS War Hero Moderator

    Gunner_ear, you were right...

    The R Signals are full of them
  9. How did this thread ever start or did the 1st RE guy turn out to be not RE at all before the first post was typed?? Get my drift?????
  10. One down, a few thousand to go! ;D
  11. Despite being in the all-male environment, the humble infantry man is way less likely to "bat for the other team". It's the exposure to RE females that does it. Enough to convert most young lads to hairy bum love instead.

    Anyway, I'm not gay, but my boyfriend is.

    Turn a blind eye chaps, it's lonely in the trenches.
  12. where i come from they call agay sapper artillery
  13. yer all poofs anyway.
  14. your only gay if you push back !!
  15. No if you shut your eyes!!