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I'm hoping that the great minds of ARRSE can cast (nearly said s**d then) some light on the attached photo.
Its from my late fathers bits and pieces, he served with 1st Devons from 1937 - 45.
The photo has "A Coy Having Dinner Xmas 1941 N.W.F." written on the back.
Now I already know that the Devons were on the NWF until 1943 when they went to Ceylon, then Burma etc.
However as far as I can determine from the records in the National Archives and from the web, from 37 -43 they were stationed in Rawalpindi, which is a well established brick built garrison town, but here they are sat outdoors in what is clearly not Rawalpindi to the best of my guesswork.
I know that regiments used to take it in turns to go "up country" to guard Razmak etc, but according to the NA the Devons only went here in 1934.
So can anyone help with any further clues as to where they are having Christmas dinner in 1941?


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