1st Coldstream Guards - Battle of Gheluvelt

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by currymunter, Apr 26, 2010.

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  1. The Bn was pretty much smashed on 29/10/14 and a pal is trying to get more info about the death of a great uncle. We have seen his reference on the CWGC site and know he is named on the Menin Gate. What he would like to know is more about the action and if possible more about his uncle.

    Given the scale of the casualties, is it likely that RHQ Coldstream Guards will have anything meaningful about the death of a JNCO? If not, are there any other resources out there that might help us find out more?
  2. I'm not a Coldstreamer but you could try phoning their RHQ, if you've got his service number they MIGHT be able to tell you if they have his service records, though I wouldn't hold my breath, and if they do have them I doubt they'd have much info about what he did at that particular battle, but, it's only a phone call.
  3. Try the battalion War Diary's he may be mentioned in them and they would tell you what the battalion was doing they should be in the national archives at kew
  4. He could contact the Western Front Association (don't have their details, but you could Google them). They gave a party from my unit some excellent presentations including one on Gheluvelt.