1st car for middle aged driver

Sporty, red, great handling, what more could you want:


Apart from speed, comfort and reliability naturally...


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Just seen one of these posing at the lights outside work, very much Poppy's style, roof down.


It’s not as if it’s got to compete much for build quality, a couple of quads or the farm 90
Chap in the syndicate got a Dacia 4x4 for ferrying his dogs and pigeon shooting gear about as well as the work run.
He replaced his free lander with it and is impressed with it as a practical vehicle off road.
On the road not so much and with all the bells and whistles he specced it certainly wasn't cheap.
Poverty spec cheap. Decent spec dear.

I still don't like it though. It looks a bit fragile and has a touch of the "French" about it. Not in a good way.


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Honda Jazz, or anything with a Honda badge......don’t buy a Dacia. Anything that badly put together in a showroom is hardly going to wear well on the street. I’ve never been in a vehicle interior with so many sharp edges.

If you’re less than lanky, try a Toyota for reliability and fit.
Beware major dealers applying NLP

Edit just checked, dames after another Clio, used for puddle jumping and shopping. Her mates similar Citroen Is a money pit. She really rates the. Clio for shopping, hauling the undead parent about and loading prams in.

What she really wants is another Fiat 500, great fun to drive.
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There should be a lot of Hyundai IX20s around, cheap, reliable, very high driving/ seating positions.

In my immediate family, we've bought about 7 now, no breakdowns, no issues.........
Use his car till 2021 when the daily emission charge kicks in. You haven't passed your test yet but hopefully will. A 20 year old motor that you haven't had to pay for is the ideal car for London while you earn your first year of No Claims. Other drivers will give you a wide berth, you won't grumble too much when the cyclists squeeze alongside in London traffic jams and scrape their handlebars down the side, you won't fuss about kerbing the wheels when parking on-street in tight spots and it's got enough weight to it to run over the odd cyclist and mangle their wheels when you meet them jumping the lights.

Learning to drive in London... you're braver than me....
I passed my test in Woolwich, I got into third gear, well almost
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Short lived and unreliable electrics then.

Somehow don't see it as surviving long enough to make it onto the vintage market
Almost certainly you are right but then, it is not in a car makers best interest to build cars that last forever.

The shortest from new to fully recycled period they can get away with is the way to keep new cars rolling out of the factory.
Wife has an i10 Premium 1.2. It is a fully loaded cracking little city car, drives beautifully, quietly and cheaply and is £30 per year road tax.

Look for one coming off PCP after two or even three years ... low mileage and well looked after - normally sold under a main dealer‘s ’approved‘ cars plan. £5k to 6k should get you into pristine 30k miles premium on a 63 / 64 plate.

We have already decided on another i10 to replace this one as our little town / short trip runabout.
I got an i20 and it needed a new clutch at 29k (I bought it 2 months earlier)
Dad lost/surrendered his license to avoid persecution, so became reliant on cabs. Mobility not great, and most were hard work for him.

The one recommended by cabbies was indeed the Berlingo. The seat is at a height where you don't drop in, nor do you climb up.

Just a thought.

PS - Dad died, but nothing to do with cars.
Prince Philip walt, RIP

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