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Discussion in 'Photography' started by anglian-sam, Feb 7, 2012.

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  1. Hello there guys and girls ive been interested in photography for a while now never really had the time to do anything about it but nowdays got bit time on my hands, Well im a complete newbie to photography just wanted to know what would be an ideal first camera for someone thats on a budget to get hold of.

    Yes i no that with said equipment that money shouldnt be spared but im not really sure that in months to come that i will still be playing so dont really want to spunk a load of cash thanks sam.
  2. My advice would be to have look at a Canon 550D but not with the kit lens. Look for a nice 35mm or 50mm lens on ebay. I've some great old prime (non zoom) manual lenses that I love messing about with and they worth all of £60. Having said that it's worth investing in the glass now so maybe consider splashing out a bit - you could end up paying more for a decent lens than the camera.
    The chances are that you'll upgrade the camera at some point but if you buy a decent lens this will last you for a few 'generations'.
  3. AS Bigeye has suggested the Canon entry level DSLR or the Nikon. The 50mm from canon is a cracking lens and for under £100 it is money well spent, the lenses make or break an image so buy the best you can afford also if you go for a zoom lens go for one that has a relatively short zoom, as the longer the zoom the worse the image quality is at the top and bottom end. This is due to the number of elements that the lens needs.
  4. Thanks for the info so far lads, would you recomend i take a few photography courses first?. Thanks sam.
  5. I would buy the Camera first and then book yourself on a few WEX (Link) do some and there is normally a camera course via the Adult learning, alternatively join your local camera club, they will normally have trips and people who have similar kit and you will also see other peoples work as well.
  6. Sam, I was split between the Canon 550D and the Nikon D3100 as they are similar as entry level DSLRs. I preferred the Nikon, but so many more people recommended the Canon so I went for that and have been pretty impressed. Jessops did a pack of the camera, card, lens and bag but I kind of wish I had not gone for the deal as the extra lens is not great, and I don't like the bag. That said, the camera is great and I am learning all the time. I went to my local college for an evening class on Digital Photography which I started before buying the camera and that was where most people recommended the Canon. Before I got my own, I could use cameras they had at the college so got to play around with a few. The course was OK but at times was a bit too much about using photo editing software as opposed to taking pictures. It was run by some 60 year old ex hippy (although he still had the pony tail) who came out with a few good points, in particular when he showed us some of the nudes he had taken. Enjoy!
  7. Thanks again re-stilly also the cameras stated would they be capable of a good landscape photo, As i might be climbing mount snowdon when the weather finally gets better would love a good few photos as a momento.
  8. I started off with the basic Canon and you can see some of my stuff here Images I have since upgraded, it is not the camera that makes the picture the camera only interprets what you see.

    The 550 will take good landscapes as long as you have good glass and a good eye.
  9. Re-Stilly

    Have you come across these guys?
    The Guild of Erotic Artists
  10. No I haven't will have a look later, people images have not been my thing really, due to being a grumpy by myself type of person, but I have had a lot of success with hose i have taken so I need to brush up on that area of my portfolio
  11. I would certainly recommend a photography course after you have the camera. I thought I was a pretty competant photographer until I went on a (military) photography course. It really raised my skill and knowledge to a new level - and make the photography more enjoyable as a result.
  12. You have some good stuff there re-stilly but you dont need me to tell you that i especially like the foggy woodland, looks like the woodland at Bastogne in belgium. Also is that a frozen waterfall in first few pics.

  13. The wood was Thetford Forest and the one I think you thought was a waterfall was is either a sea cave in Cornwall or snow on steps at Dunorlan park Tunbridge Wells
  14. You've got some cracking images there.

    Regarding the camera clubs, I joined one and found them to be a bit cliquey, especially since I have a Sony and not the one of the two that most have, to the point where I'd enter the monthly photo challenge and they'd barely give my photo's a second glance, one or two said they'd have won if I'd had a Canon or a Nikon, but that's clubs for you, having said that, use them to learn, ignore anything that doesn't help.
  15. I shot a documentary a few years back and part of the story involved the 'Guild'. Some of the work is quite good although one or two seemed to be paid up members of the dirty mac brigade.

    Whilst filming I met one or two of the models (and dated one for a while - which is weird because I met her on a photo shoot when she was starkers) they were pretty relaxed and as they are mainly amateurs quite keen and forgiving.