1st Cadet Bn, KRRC - where you there in Fulham in the '70s?

Hi all,

I'm sitting here just wondering where the years went. I was thinking back to a specific moment in my school days, which changed the path of my life.

We had an impromptu presentation from Capt Roy Thorne, who at the time was the OC of the D Coy, 1st Cdt Bn, KRRC, a 2RGJ affiliated Cadet Coy based at Putney Bridge TA centre in London.

About 20 of us, went along for an open evening. From that, some of us went for a weekend at Pirbright, and before I knew what was happening, 3 years had passed and I found myself joining the regs, firstly at IJLB, and eventually 2RGJ. So, that 1 hr at school changed the life path of this now 53 year old.

Anyway, I just wondered what happened to those that were at that ACF Coy, especially Roy Thorne.

This was in the early '70s, probably about '73. So, were you there? Were you, like me, one of the spotty oiks on their first annual camp at Penhale.

Any phots would be good, as I haven't got a single one of that era.

Cheers all.............Celer et Audax


I joined the KRRC cadets in 1977 when the unit was based at the TA Centre at Fulham High Street. Similar story - Roy Thorn came along to my school (the London Oratory) and gave a presentation on the cadets. I attended a weekend (Christmas) camp at Crowborough and then joined the cadets, staying for over 4 years and then becoming an adult instructor and officer during which time the cadets temporarily moved to the school as the TA centre was being rebuilt. Eventually the cadets transferred to the CCF and are still there, but no longer badged RGJ (having rebadged from KRRC after the move) but now Irish Guards and RAF.

The cadets are still at Fulham House though - a new detachment was opened there as part of the ACF and is still going strong. There are also still 1st Cadet Battalion KKRC cadets wearing the distinctive badge.

Roy is also still going strong (at 74!) and living in Barnes. When the detachment became CCF he was promoted to Lt Col (having been a major in the ACF - the size of the detachment allowed it to become independent of companies). I meet up with him around once a year and he still tells the same jokes that he told me as a 13 year old!
Thanks for that mate. Sounds like you joined as I left. Presumably the likes of Pete Harvey and Gordon Pennyfather were still there when you joined.
I'm so pleased to hear that Roy's well. Next time you speak to him, can you please pass on my best (my initials are RF and I lived just off Fulham Palace Rd, 2 roads up from where he used to work at Allen and Norris). If you're able, can you ask him if he's still got phots from '74 till '77 ish. Penhale sticks in my mind, as does places like Church Crookham and Pirbright. We also had an absolutely fantastic bugle section, that regularly attended and trained at the Rifle Depot, Winchester under the instruction of the mighty Nosher Green. I was particularly active as a bugler, and have continued to play to this day. In fact, a group of ex-regs like me that can play, have been invited to join a RGJA bugle section. Looking forward to that enormously.
Despite the best efforts of my Grandparents and Father, home wasn't the best place for me, so Fulham House became a second home come sanctuary. Saved me from god knows what I'm sure.


It sounds like joining the ACF changed your life! I spoke to Roy, who remembers you - Ellaline Road? I might be seeing to him soon, but may have to apologise, as he is not 74, but 77!
Not only mine, but quite a few others as well. I would regularly bumped into other regular soldiers usually on ops in some weird bit of the provinces, that I knew from my Fulham house days. All doing well in whatever corp or regt they had decided to join.
Anyway, if you're able, please pass on my best wishes to him....Ask him about the phots. It would be great to see some of them.......maybe stick a few on here even?

Cheers mukka.
I just saw this - I was at Fulham house in the 60's, some happy memories ;-) I left the UK in 1979 for Australia - do you have an email address for Roy Thorn?


I don't have an email for Roy, but Chris Western has just contacted me and said that there is going to be a 234 reunion on Sunday 6 Sep 15 at the Eight Bells pub, probably in the afternoon. Once I hear any more I will post it here.



Well, you've got till September to make your plans! I'm not sure how to send private messages but if there is a way I can give Roy your contact email address. I am sure that he would love to hear about your life since 1979.
I'll probably not make a reunion in Fulham from Australia.
Will need to think of a lot more reasons to go :)
Could you not hook up through Skype on the night? Get someone to hook up a lappy to a telly, job jobbed

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