1st Bn Royal Welch Fusiliers-U.S Army Major?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Hat20, Jul 5, 2007.

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  1. Welsh mate and I against the rest of our pub clan over the RWF having a Major from the U.S Army as a Company Commander.
    We both say yes as we saw the bod in Ireland in '89' in Armagh.
    Are we right or wrong? much beer rests on this.
  2. You have experience of the man they do not, therefore you are right. By the sound of it you have experience and they do not, on that basis they must buy you twice the agreed amount. Today.
  3. At about that time I was a on a London-Cardiff train when a group of officery looking blokes got on and talked about NI all the way to Newport, one was either american or canadian, on attachment and had been there on tour.

    I know its not a lot of evidence but it counts as an interesting overheard conversation!

  4. we had an american major oc as sqn leader in the 70s ex veitnam vet ,,air cav,, great guy,, total fruit case but a brill oc,,,yous,ed to shout on ranges give it siht with the 50 cal..., as it was only a rangeing gun on cheiftan the gunnery instructors used to flip.. 11th cav black horse..
  5. It would make sense, although I think he'll have been Canadian. I served with 3 RWF before joining the RN, and we had a Canadian exchange officer, with us at Hightown from the Canadian 22'eme Regiment. The reason he was with us is that the 1st Battalion were based in Berlin at the time (1989-1991 or thereabouts) and for some reason, they weren't allowed to have exchange officers posted there, so he ended up with us.
  6. And a security risk.

  7. Fortunatly the scruffy student bloke who appeared to be asleep was infact an O/Cdt from ULOTC enjoying his summer holiday.
  8. The RWF had an affiliation with the USMC originating from their days soldiering together in China during the Boxer Uprising early 1900s. IIRC the RWF and the US Marines used to exchange officers though I can't believe the Yank would've been allowed to serve in NI.
  9. Who's the Aussie RRF Major who was asked to leave the Royal Irish after an altercation with his CO??
  10. We had an American OC, also, Pupgreen, late 70's. Vietnam man, Cav, a decent fellow and very switched on. I can't remember what his own unit was, but he wore a shield-shaped badge on one shoulder with a diagonal black stripe and a horse's head on it. He had some quaint notions about the role alcohol should play in military operations (ie none), but he mellowed on that one (fighting a losing battle, knew when to give up). I wonder if it's the same bloke?.

    He was with the unit for about 18 months, but left when the Regt started NI training, for obvious reasons. We rather got the impression that he would have liked to have gone with us, if he'd had the choice. He was one of the best officers I served under, and was probably the best OC I had.
  11. Wrong, pure and simple. Now there have been a couple of officers with North American lineage serving in the RWF and one who transferred from the Canadian Army. But an American OC in NI, no.

    Their Canadian exchange officer from the R22eR was not allowed to serve in NI and anyway he would normally have had an obvious French accent.

    And in response to another answer, the Canadian exchange officer did serve in Berlin.
  12. I heard a story some years ago about an Aussie officer on Long Look with RGJ who was taken to NI.

    He arrived with them half way through their pre tour training and they assumed he would have been sent elsewhere if he wasn't meant to go with them. He did 2 or 3 months of their tour and when it was time for him to back to Oz they applied for his GSM at which stage people all up and down the chain of command started having heart attacks.

    If the story is correct he must be the only officer in the Aussie Army with an NI bar who hasn't transferred in.
  13. Now that explains why the USMC colours are displayed at the back of Wrexham Parish church! Seriously, I always wanted to know why that was the case. Thanks for that.