1st Bn Kings Regiment

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by discodan, Feb 3, 2005.

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  1. As most of you are aware the 1st Bn Kings Regt are to be amalgamated with the KORD and 1 QLR in the new armed forces shake up by Tony Blair (cheers for that) could you please show your support and visit the save the kings site and leave a message?


    thanks chaps
  2. MS_Rep

    MS_Rep RIP

    When you get off my sister I might bother to visit your save the (who?) website :p

    Lets be clear, the deal is done (ask Jacko lol)

    The time to save the KINGS, I regret, is long passed.

    Just be thankful that we are not looking at numbered battalions in a Corps of Inf - yes I know it sucks, but that almost happened.

    If it was not for the last (just left) DInf and a few concerned ex inf 2 stars around the place (my boss is one) who spat blood in the last quarter of 2004, the result could have been much, much worse my friend :wink:
  3. Good point my friend... and duely noted but I aint goin without making as much fookin noise as possible... you must understand that :D

    thanks for your speedy reply by the way
  4. Anyone who thinks these changes are not "numbered battalions in a Corps of Inf" is living a fantasy.

    Time to save the Regiments is not past
  5. As I said, I am going to go fighting tooth and nail...

    will hate it when my son says... "who did you serve with dad" and my reply will be "I served with The Kings Regiment Son" and he will say

    the who?
  6. Many moons ago I almost joined the Kings but there was something good on telly so I never filled out the form. Joined a Regt further to the West instead however I empathise with you and your cause. I also will not give up the fight because I still think there is a lot to play for. Much can happen betweeen now and the physical restructuring; elections, the IRA, Iraq, Iran, the Bulkans, Africa, etc, etc..

    It might be a done deal but I've got plenty of time on my hands between huntin crocs, eatin shark an drinkin beer.
  7. Save the who ????
    why would anyone wanna save the Kings ?????
  8. MS_Rep is right - the time has passed. Much blood on carpets across the land (or is that LAND :D )

    How about throwing your energies into something that has a chance of success - donating cash to ARRSE, voting a decent Government into power, developing a clean renewable energy source....

    Don't be glum - concentrate on the battles you can win, and withdraw from those you can't with panache and good grace.
  9. You have the right to an opinion even if it is wrong....

    Why not keep regiments as they are... not going to make a baldy bit of difference on numbers.
  10. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Before you go could I have my hubcaps back???
  11. Answer is pesos. It is easier and cheaper to admin larger units than smaller ones. Someone also told me that multi-battalion regiments can be changed easier if needs be but I don't know if that is true. I can see where the bean counters are coming from but it's still heartless.
  14. Don't worry, TCH will be glad to see the back of 1 KINGS.

    That way, when Amnesty International post stuff on their website about 1 KINGS in Basra, TCH can say "Who? They don't exist any more. Nothing to do with me etc etc."

    Perhaps Regiments must be on their best behaviour from now on, and musn't do anything to attract adverse publicity to TCH.

    "If you're all good soldiers and don't do anything nasty, and drop me in it. Then I'll let you live."

    Wonder how twitchy the RRF and PARAs are feeling now?
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