1st battlion royal anglians overmaned

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by westhammad1, Feb 20, 2010.

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  1. Im going threw my application process and am hopeing to joing The 1st battlion Royal Anglian Regiment.

    i have heard threw the grape vine that the Vikings are so overmaned That people are being asked to join the poachers at basic , is this a problem that looks to continue for some time ? .

    I have no problem with joining the poachers but my heart was set on vikings tbh , also could u be told to join the poachers with no say in the matter ?

    If any one could help on the matter i wold be gratefull also if any one has more info on poachers or some links to the poachers where i could find more info on them i would also be gratefull Many thanks Whm.
  2. I know **** all but I thought you could only put down a preffered battalion choice, and they would put you where you are needed.
  3. You maybe right but my recruiter asked me what Battlion i wanted to go in to so i chose vikings because closer to home.
  4. As i said fella- you do not join the Army to be 'closer to home' I would strongly suggest you leave that idea before you step foot in the careers office.

  5. I know that mate thats a valid point , im not doing it to be closer to home but cyprus is a bit far and bit expensive to just jump on plane come home to visit familey and friends . once in a while ,
  6. Actually It's not. Only a few hours on a plane (I've spent longer queueing on the M25). Also cheap return ticket with the RAF. Not too shabby at all.
  7. Overseas postings are far fewer than they once were and Cyprus is one of the best places left. Many people dream of a posting there. If you just want to stay in the UK, are you sure that the army is the right career for you?
  8. i passed out of training on friday and 2 of our lads were told they had to transfer to the poachers, they were told it would be happening to the next 5 - 6 queens intakes as the poachers needed 35 blokes
  9. Well done.
  10. No i dont just want to stay in the uk . thats why i wanted to join the army to travel. But i had my heart set on vikings , If i get told to go poachers then the poachers it will be and i will do the best job i can in either battlions i just wanted a heads up to how many recruits are being asked to change battlion .

  11. How many intakes are there in a year then ??? excuse my ignorence
  12. as far as i know there will be 10 queens division intakes this year.
  13. Don't whinge, we should be encouraging this lad to join asap. The more blokes like him there are in the army, the better chance we've got of getting a decent overseas posting.
  14. Its not like that the vikings recruit from my home town so vikings would be my first choice . But the poachers need 35 men like stated above so if it comes to it i will go poachers and enjoy every minute of it in cyprus and on herrick also vikings are mechanized aswell would like that challenge its not i dont want to go abroad its vikings ive got my heart set on
  15. The Vikings are overmanned, have been for nearly 3 years now and whilst the Poachers were technically at their full manning state at the end of last year they are currently the priority - why - because in July 2010 they move to Cyprus and take of TRB (Theatre Reserve Battalion) which means that they WILL deploy at some point (although probably in Coy groups) to Afghan at some point over their 2 years in Cyprus. As they are operational they will go onto their 'warfighting' establishment which increases the amount of men that they need in the Battalion - hence they a lot of recruits are being sent to them even if they thought they would be going to the Vikings.

    However, this is a job to be managed by the respecitve RCMOs office and you will be told (feel free to ask the RCMOs or Regtl shephards when you see them) and they will explain more.

    On a positive, if slightly morbid note, the Vikings have again taken a lot of casualties in Helmand where they currently have the majority of the Battalion. When they return their will be guys who can't stay in the armour because of injuries and some who just don't want to stay as they will have had their fill - this is generally termed 'natural wastage' which iswhy we continue to recruit all the time.

    If you are desperate to be in the Vikings then work hard, don't jack on your mates in training and make sure you are such as good soldier that the Vikings will want to make sure they take you. Good luck!