1st Battalion, The Royal Anglian Regiment

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by PRC-349, Mar 2, 2009.

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  1. I think before posing the question I should give a bit of background first: As some of you are aware I am currently in the TA as a Signaller and nearly finished Phase 1 (with Charlie to go) and love it however I want more. I joined the TA because I was in college at the time but due to certain circumstances that has fallen through and after looking round to see what’s on offer have decided Civvie Street is a no go for me.
    So I looked into several regiments to join as a regular soldier and decided after a good deal of thinking it was the Vikings for me. However I am looking to find out more about the Regiment but also more about the battalion itself from people actually serving within it as parts of the site are blank and they don’t go into much detail.
    So therefore the point of this post and thread is primarily to gain information and peoples experiences within 1st Battalion Royal Anglian and secondly if the former is not possible to get in contact with people serving in the Battalion.
    Your help is most appreciated as always
    (Mods note: I thought placing this in the Infantry Forum would be more appropriate as in regards to joining that’s all cushty but feel free to move at your discretion)
  2. Can't go wrong with any of the Royal Anglians
  3. I know a few serving Anglians from both 1st and 2nd.
    Friendly bunch, very tight knit Battalions.
    Any reason for Vikings? Poachers are in Germany and have Cyprus lined up i believe.
    I'll forward a Viking to this thread for you mate.
  4. Well I wanted to join an infantry unit and a mate from my troop used to be in the Vikings and said it was great, also it's kind of the local regiment as it recruits heavily from Essex according to the site.

    That would be smashing, cheers mate
  5. but the Vikings are a bunch of Inbread pointy headed webfoots from Norfolk and Suffolk with some wide boys from landahn
  6. First Bn is the way forward in my opinion, but then again i may be biased :)
  7. Definately first battalion - but then I am biased too!
  8. definatly sounds the way frwarfor me then :D

    PM sent
  9. You should watch the first series of Ross Kemp in afghanistan he documents 1 Royal Anglian on the front line :) I myself am interested in either 1 Royal Anglian or the 4 Rifles.
  10. How about learning the proper name of the regiment first. It is:

    1st Battalion, The Royal Anglian Regiment

    This is abbreviated as 1 R ANGLIAN.

    In speech it is also correct to use the term The Royal Anglians. Note the words "The" and "Royal" should be used correctly.
  11. Thankyou kind sir :p
  12. Tats because i edited it, sorry for the ignorance on my part Tiger-Monkey
  13. Tut Tut :eek:
  14. After you have done your training, leave the TA and join regs, don't transfer, it takes a looooong time!
  15. Thanks guys for all the positive feedback andadvice both recieved via thread and PM, it is most appreciated.

    I have come to a conclusion that 1 R ANGLIAN is definatly the way to go for me and shall be making a visit to the AFCO tomorrow to get the paperwork and start the ball rolling.

    Thank you