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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by paulyb102, Nov 2, 2006.

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  1. Hiya folks,

    A new 1st Battalion the Royal Anglian website is available at this link, be sure to check out the Vid section, some truly amazing vids.

    At this link http://www.1stroyalanglians.homestead.com

  2. Didn't know you lot could read or write!!!

    Amazed in London
  3. Does the site give origin of

    I can't read
    I can't write
    But I can drive a tractor
    So that's all right
  4. Chug Chug.......
  5. Thats coz we r so ard, we usually kill 1st then ask q,s latre,

    Also while i was serving i progressed to a 432, basically a Tractor with Tracks


  6. he certainly can't tell the difference between "new topic" and "post reply"!!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.