1st Battalion Royal regiment of Fusiliers West Belfast 1980/81

Yesterday I donated 2 copy's of the Hackle I picked up when I joined 1RRF for a few weeks in Belfast in the middle of the tour [I was REME attached in Minden].
They are now in the Fusiliers Museum in Bury.


I had wanted everyone who was on the tour to have a chance to read them and maybe relive the old days.
One of the volunteers at the museum Dennis is a old Fusilier and he agreed to put them on line for all to see.
top man that he is he's done the first copy already, if you where with any of the Battalions you will find his site an excellent place to visit.

read them here

http://www.fusiliers-association.co.uk/Northern Ireland_Tours/1RRF/The Hackle/The_hackle.htm

Its a snapshot of how we lived, worked and played I expect anyone who served in those days will get the humour and micky taking.

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