1st August Planning Committee Meeting

Discussion in 'Campaigns' started by DozyBint, Jul 20, 2007.

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  1. A list of attendees, so we have an idea of numbers beforehand:

    DozyBint + at least 1 (and maybe a sqn's worth!)
  2. Pies and Farmboy
  3. However we manage it, we could do with someone who knows about planning stuff there.

    As an aside, anyone know how we are getting Rfmn Pun VC to the meeting?

    Is there wheelchair access? (I know this has been asked before somewhere).

    If not, then perhaps the meeting should move to somewhere where there is, given that this proposal directly involves those in wheelchairs.

    How about Mrs Norton, and maybe even hubby, in civvies natch?

    Edit: See my prescience? :D
  4. I've delegated this to Tigs2 - keep him busy! :D

    The planning team at MVDC have confirmed that there is wheelchair access to the building and wheelchair users will sit at the rear of the actual chamber rather than in the public gallery. There are also toilet facilities for wheelchair users.
  5. I'll be at the Planning Meeting.

    Should we put a list of names into the main thread so we can warn off MVDC in advance of the numbers? I have a feeling it could be quite a lot .....

    Usual ARRSE crawl format? A few names then replicate the list and add your name?

    Or should we have a seperate thread? If we do the ARRSe crawl format I can see a lot of folk posting at the same time so we never get a sensible list.

    We can also invite supporters from other sites (even that one ....) to pop their names into the link?

  6. Gutted, but can't make it. Will try to find somewhere on Anglesey with broadband to watch the webcast though :)
  7. You'll be lucky to find anywhere on Anglesey that knows what the newfangled electrickery is ;-)
  8. Oh, forgot to say, though PTP knows directly from Tigs2:

    I agreed 100% that Mr. Pun should rest and take care of himself as despite how strongly he feels about this matter, there are plenty of us working on this.
  9. We have a few quid spare. We should get him grapes, or flowers (or Flowers, but that would probably finish him off. She's a healthy looking girl :D ) or chocs or the severed head of his enemy or whatever you send a Ghurka in hospital. Any ideas?
  10. Agree, Dozy. But I'd suggest that if he's really adamant about going then he may feel insulted if we simply refuse to allow it. I don't know how strong his wish to be there is, and think he should be firmly encouraged not to. But, ultimately, the decision has to be his.

    Had a similar problem with an old soldier I knew who's daughter was unwell a couple of years back. Despite having a stroke, and being told firmly not to by his daughter, his doctor and his wife, he got on a plane from Spain to visit her (having lied about his health to the airline).

    These Old Boys are a funny lot, and trying to tell someone with that much courage that he "mustn't" do something may not make him very happy!
  11. I'm setting off South in a couple of hours, with a view to beeing in Dorking Wednesday evening after working the South coast.

    I'm assuming dress will be ARRSE Campaign Dress?

    Shoes shiny

    If the plan is something different can you let me know by 12ish?
  12. Err, south from where exactly if it's going to take you 2 days to Dorking???? Or are you marching the whole way in true Protester stylee? :lol:
  13. Hi all,

    I'm currently trying to pull together interest to attend by HC patients; have got several so far.

    Have just met and spoken with Cllr Hunt during his visit to HC. Very pleasant and came across as quite reasonable - acknowledged the quite overwhelming amount of support for the application. :D I managed to bring to his attention the 'Military Covenant' and its contents and the national significance of this project.

    They are expecting a large turnout and he said they were loooking at possibility of getting a room in the Dorking Halls (municipal leis/ents centre) directly opposite the council building and running live link.

    As far as the speakers are concerned he said that there would be up to 4 speakers; 2 in support (applicant + supporters) and 2 from objectors (not sure where this second objector speaker comes from - is it laid down somewhere?) :?

    3 mins each, at 3 min point if still talking he will ask to sum up, at 3:30 if still talking the microphone will be cut off.

    No other input/statements accepted, even if the committee say something you believe to be factually incorrect during their part, you cannot interject.

    He's expecting Sue to speak. I know it's been suggested that Sue might have larygitis or similar on night and for me to talk; don't know how this would go down, esp if Mrs Cheeks were present, they might insist on it defaulting back to her. What are current thoughts on this?

  14. Nice one! Will they need us to organise transport?

    :D Well done! :D

    We'll have to make sure our people are there in plenty of time to grab the viewing seats in the Chamber...

    It's laid down here:

    Speaking to the Development Control and Licensing Committee

    For planning applications where there are 20 or more objection letters or a petition of at least 50 signatures (in both cases from different households) objecting to an application, the Council also allows people to speak to the Planning Committee at its meeting. This will apply to applications where the officers recommendation is either for approval or refusal. There are certain opportunities for supporters of an application to speak, and these are outlined later in this leaflet.

    This opportunity to speak is additional to the established system of making written objections and comments.
    It enables one representative of the objectors to summarise, in person, the main points against a planning proposal. An equal opportunity to speak is given to the person applying for planning permission, or his/her agent. A representative of the Parish Council can also speak, or alternatively a specified Residents' Association/Amenity Society in areas which do not have a Parish Council.

    I think that the bit I've bolded in red is that bit: you'll probably find that a Grays Lane resident is speaking as objector and then an APEM representative is speaking...

    To be honest, I think it would annoy the council - from what PTP's found out, the new planning officer who took over from Lesley doesn't like smart-arses who try to get around rules, so it could backfire if we tried it.
  15. Although I believe the import of the recent YRF email (as posted by PTP) suggests that "That Dreadful Woman" (copyright Mrs Boss 2007) and the YRF will be keeping a low profile on the night, I suggest that you both prepare to speak and then can make the decision at the last possible moment?

    To be honest, whether it's you speaking with Sue next to you, or vice versa, I think it will have great impact.

    I get the feeling from reading the Council stuff that the actual room itself is very small and the only folk allowed actually inside will be the Planners and Speakers, with the rest of us watching from the TV screens.

    If needs be, we could probably mobilise BLUE TEAM to fill any and all available seats early to prevent TDW and RED TEAM and the Blackshirts getting inside the place.

    I know the Blackshirts are technically on our side, but I'd rather have the YRF there than that lot.

    PTP - you are our politikal kommisar. Any views?